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Calling All Dummies

by coie - March 28th, 2006.
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Aren't I doing great?  I've been posting every day! *ahem* On with the post…


I unpacked one of the boxes in my closet yesterday.  I’ve got four to go now.  Yes, I know I moved in 2 months ago.  I’ve already unpacked the important stuff, at any rate.


Anyways, in this box was my “treasure box”.  My aunt bought one for me and one for Paul when we were little.  Mine used to be a spoon polishing kit.  🙂 I went through it and found the remnants of an old club I started about 3 years ago.  It was called Dummies Inc. and had a total of 9 members. 


Our slogan: As the world gets simpler, who are we to do otherwise? 

Our goal: To dumbinate the world one awkward moment at a time.


I even wrote out a contract for wannabe members to sign.  It went as follows.


I, ________, hereby agree to defend the awkward reputation of Dummies Inc. under all circumstances, whether it be a matter of life and death or a simple misunderstanding by ones smarter than us.  I also agree to expand my vocabulary to include odd/ strange/ awkward/ sometimes indecipherable words to be used either in or out of proper context.  I will not be ashamed to promote and further the Dummy Goals and Kingdumb.  I also recognize that we who are dumb—and recognize that fact—shall recognize those who recognize Dummies Inc. as a viable club worthy of recognition.


[Dumbinator (me) and the Prodummio then signed with approval]


*We take no responsibility for loss of respect from family members, friends, co-workers, and pets, moments of awkward silence when the subject of Dummies Inc. approaches, or any strange behavior or side affects from joining this club.  On a lighter note, please realize that we are a dummocracy and any ideas, whether dumb or diggity, will be reviewed and discussed between the Dumbinator, Prodummios, and Dummios and voted on by the Do-Do Birds and Ducks if approved.  Thank you for your contribution to our club.


It didn’t last very long, especially since people thought we were really lame.  Hey, we were.  We even almost bought a website; we couldn’t decide between the following though.


When will I grow out of my awkwardness?!?! 


I think my next post will be an audio presentation, so beware lest I decide to pull out the big guns (that is, I’ll talk in a real dramatic southern accent).


4 Responses to Calling All Dummies

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    wow, that is dumb.

    you’re welcome.


    Coie… that sounds WAY too familiar…


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    While CoieCondition has the best ring to it, I think WorldDumbination would’ve been your best bet (had you continued on). ArmyofDummies sounds cool but I think the US Army might get upset since it would sound like you’re making fun of them and their Army of One campaign.

    So who were the 9 members???

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    I am so blessed to have stopped by your site this morning! It is rainy and bleary here and I just needed a good laugh! You are just too clever, so much like your mom, whose blog I read daily! I don’t know why, but I just read your “Pronunciation Guide” and it came across so funny to me! Especially, “Igarashi, rhymes with potato”! Okay, so I’m not sure why that cracked me up so much, but I was laughing so hard my son was asking me what was going on! Guess I was badly in need of some humor…Thanks!

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