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Wood 'N' Oil

by coie - March 24th, 2006.
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*Ahem* Well, as you can see by my dad’s comment, we are all back to normal.  And he admitted that was his breath he smelled, not mine.  😀


Anyways, my dad likes me to work with him and learn stuff like welding, painting, building stuff, tying weird knots, changing the brakes and tires on cars, and other such projects.  This week we covered two tasks I guess I’m just not cut out for—changing the oil and filter on my car, and chopping wood.


Changing Car Oil

We changed the oil on the van first.  Meaning, dad did it and showed me what I was going to be doing on my car later.  That was finished, and of course, the carport was devoid of any mess.  So I pulled up my car, started taking the bolt for the oil thing off and oil started running down my hand.  Whoops, but no biggie.


 It finally emptied and I started looking for the oil filter.  Dumb American car had it in a spot I could hardly get to.  I felt like I was going to break my wrist just trying to get to it—and it was over a bunch of other parts.  So I unscrewed that….and started giggling my head off.  It was EVERYWHERE!  Just drooling all over the frame and other parts, and my hands—and I didn’t even have it all the way off yet.  I asked dad for about a million paper towels and wiped up what I could.  Then I finished the job (with dad’s help) and slid out from under the car.  When I stood up I noticed the paper towels falling off me…Great.  Now I have oil stains all over the backside of my pants.  I pulled out of the carport and saw oil all over the place.  Hmph.


Chopping Wood

When I was trying to leave for Old Navy yesterday (had to get a pair of jeans), dad called me over to the wood-cutting area.  He handed me the axe and said, “Want to try and split the wood?”  I said, “No, not really”….”Aw, come on!  You can see what great exercise it it.”…”I’m just going to jar my arms though!”  “Try it!”


So I took the axe and swung. Bzzt.  Owww.  I didn’t even hardly make a mark on the wood.  After trying about 3-5 times and unsuccessfully doing anything, dad told me, “Wow, great job.  I think I see a little crack.  Ok, you can leave now.”


I think that thing was rubber.  Even after Lukie tried it, all it did was make the axe bounce.  I don’t know how the eight year olds down the street do it.

6 Responses to Wood 'N' Oil

  1. Untitled Comment

    The 8 year-olds down the street? LOL!! I think your dad needs to sharpen the ax!

    :+) Kate

  2. oooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was trying to be nice with my comment but after your comment “he admitted that was his breath he smelled, not mine.” OOooohhhh… You are so in trouble…..

    And the axe is a splitting axe so it weighs like 5 lbs and isn’t that sharp at all. I just wanted you to feel the weight and know what your going to be doing all summer… now….

    As far as the oil-n-stuff, you did great. Wouldn’t have been much better if I did it, the car company did a poor job of positioning it. I suppose soon you will never do this stuff again, but at least you have a general knowledge of it all.

    Next on my list of things for you to do…. besides splitting logs all summer… hmmm, is to be determined…. but it is going to be bad…

  3. Untitled Comment

    ohhh! i know i know! pick me! i say you have her pull out all the ugly green carpet and re do the green wallpaper in the bathroom.

    Love Momsie

  4. LOL

    Coie… That was funny…

    I’ve never tried splitting wood. But I’ve sawed tons and tons of it. And one time we unloaded like a cord or two for my cousin and his wife. He must not have realized that we are not “city kids” by any stretch of the imagination… he was so shocked. It was hilarious. 😀

  5. Uh-oh

    Maybe I shouldn’t come up this summer if I have to do hard manuel labour. Surely it would be better for me to lounge on the beach all day everyday!?

  6. Great Texas…

    Sounds like you need to save up your nickels, dimes and maybe some yen and buy yourself a chainsaw.

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