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by coie - March 17th, 2006.
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My head feels like it has the flu.  That's right; just my head.  Not my toes.  Maybe it's the onions.

No one has dropped dead yet.  Updates to follow. 

Oh, and when are people going to put taste and smell on a CD? 
They've already covered sight and sound.  Anyways, when the smell
ones come out, can someone buy me one that smells like a freshly washed
(still wet) towel?  Nothing smells better than that.

I gotta stop with these weird entries.  Nobody's gonna read these.  It's the onions I tell you.

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    they DO have smells on cds. I’ve seen them. I think Glade makes them. they’ve been out for ages. doesn’t your mother teach you anything??

  2. Hehe

    One day, Calvin and I were looking at perfumes on eBay and mom was like, ” oohh, what are you looking at?” So we told her they were perfumes and then we said, “You can smell them on eBay too–scratch and sniff screen!” She gave us a very nasty look! 🙂 I hope you feel better soon. Want me to come up again and cheer you up?

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    You could always just carry around a small bottle of Downy or a sheet of Bounce with ya! And I’m sorry to tell you sweetie, but I’m pretty sure it is not the onions but the fact that you are related to the momsie who married the Mr. Igarashi.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!




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    I hope you don’t have the flu. We had it last week and it was NOT FUN!

    Watch yourself with those weird TN plants. You need some supervision in the garden and now the kitchen fdkjdhfdakjhfadfkj

    Have a happy weekend. Do you get to go with your Momsie?


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    Oh.. and I forgot to mention that that is a great picture.

    The country life seems to be agreeing with you and your family. : )

  6. Hey, Coie

    Put “scent player” into google.


  7. Long lost me (or you?)

    Hey Coie….this is Jessica. Do you remember that name? Jessimoko? Crazy friend from California…who moved to MS…is horrible at staying in touch. Any of this ringing a bell? I miss you! Write me??? Send me your address and phone number or something. Maybe I should email you. :S I’m thinking of starting a blog here….I have a couple friends transfering over now so it might be easier. ACK I miss you. 😀 Talk to you soon?

  8. uh huh

    Oh yeah, and please do cut back on the onions. They seem to be getting to you. *weirded out* You seem a little loopie these days! 😉

  9. I read your entries!

    How could we NOT come back and read your entries when we’re wondering hour by hour who might be dropping dead in your household? You’ve found a great hook for keeping us checking in daily. =) But it sounds like whatever these onions are, they are only capable of generic illnesses. After all, if your toes starting hurting and your head was fine, that would be REALLY interesting and something to look into. Hope you feel better. And I hope your household survives and goes on to prosper in spite of/because of your culinary experimentation!

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