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Honorary Aunts and Uncle

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

I now have some new honorary aunts…oh, and one uncle.  Why?  Because they are linking to the new Bible Study!  Who are they?   hippiechyck (aunt hippie)   MamaBugs (auntie trish)   MySmokyMtnHomeschool (auntie amy, who makes good chicken and dumplings)   Jammie (aunt jammie, who must also have a love for pj pants)   TOSPUBLISHER […]

Bible and History made fun!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

I don't try to disrupt mom's classes with the kids, I just say what pops into my head when she asks questions.  Stuff like, “Ok kids, When so-and-so went to France, who was the king?” Silence.  Mom: Hello, people!  There was a movie with his name! Me: PETER PAN! Mom: Hush up, Coie….Kids, who was […]