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The Adventures of Carwashing Girl and Nostril Boy

by coie - February 24th, 2006.
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Well, my cousins have been at my house for a few days now
while their parents are out of town.  So,
naturally, it’s been extremely noisy here. 
Now my 14 yo cousin Luke is funny and all, but in between the times that
he’s entertaining me, he tries to either annoy me or…gross me out.  (Double points when combined ‘course)


Two days ago, he was funny. 
Dad was reading Proverbs to us and it says “My son…” and then goes on to
talk about wisdom, referring to it as “she”. 
Lukie said, “What’s up with that? 
It’s like he’s trying to hook us up with Wisdom or something!”… Ok, he’s
got Proverbs down.  😛


Yesterday though…yesterday was a completely different story. 
Till I turned it around.


I had to run to the Post Office to drop off a ton of mail,
and took Luke along with me to do all the slave labor while I stood at the
counter and wrote the check.  Then we
headed for the other PO to check the mail. 
Afterwards, I drove over to my favorite carwash. 


While cleaning my ill-cared-for car, I noticed Luke had my
$200 cell phone and was taking pictures of me. 
I thought, “Aw, who cares.  Maybe
he’ll get a spiffy picture of me with this really cool hose that backfires
every time I pull the trigger.” 


As I started spraying on the wax towards the front of my
car, I saw him give a mischievous chuckle, and put my phone down in the proper
spot.  Great.  He caught me tripping or something, I
thought.  So, I finished, got into my car
and reached immediately for the phone. 
Oh horror of horrors, what did I see?! 
Me tripping on the hose?  Nope.  Me bending over washing the tires?  No.  Worse.  Worse? Yes, worse.  He had changed my background picture to this. 


I was…speechless.  But
not dumbfounded.  I quickly thought up a
way to turn the situation around on Nostril Boy.  I closed my phone and placed it in my door
where it was inaccessible to him.  He was
still laughing his goofy head off and I smiled at him.  He sensed that something was wrong.  “Uhhh, what are you doing with that?”


“Nothing much.  It’s
my phone though, so this picture is now my property.”




I waited for the suspense to grow.


“I’ve also got a blog with a pretty good readership.”


Did you see how wide his eyes were in that picture
above?  Well, they got wider then
that.  And on top of that, he tried to
play it cool, saying it would get him more hits on his blog- therefore saying, “I
don’t care what you do with that picture. 
Post it on your blog if you want!” 
There you have it.  I’ve got full
authorization.  But no link to his
blog.  You can search for it in my friend’s
list if you’d like.  😉 I’m now
officially tired and going to bed. G’night!

16 Responses to The Adventures of Carwashing Girl and Nostril Boy

  1. LOL!!

    Oh that is good Coie. You got him back big time. I can see the headlines now: Nostril Boy Uncovered! Details on page 3…

  2. Untitled Comment

    egads, that’s some picture. he looks like an ape.

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  4. Untitled Comment

    Oh, my, he does look like an ape. Or half ape, half chipmunk. I need to make him lay off the ravioli. Remember when he ate four cans (family sizes) in one setting? Boy did he barf up a lot all night long. Hope he learned his lesson.

  5. Funny!!

    Caleb was sitting on my lap when we looked at that picture and he started CRACKING UP!! He was laughing so much he slipped of my lap! LOL! he keeps asking me to “Do It Again! ” mdfysjdfhksdhvldgf


  6. Emily's Surgery…

    Just stopping by to ask if you would please spread the word about Emily’s surgery Tuesday morning? I have a prayer list on my blog for anyone who would like to take a specific time to pray as well.



  7. Hilarious!!

    That is soooo funny, Coie! The picture was great 🙂

  8. Coie…….

    I demand a new post already!! I can only look at your cousin’s nostrils so many times before wanting to be sick! And if I’m sick I can’t come to TN… 🙁

  9. HAHA! Great pic of nostril boy!

    You know how those boys cousins can be………….LOL

    I wanted to drop by and give you a link to my contest this week. I would love to have some teens ad entries to it!

    The link to it is:

    Have a blessed day! Tami

  10. We like your blog!

    That’s a very funny post!

    But, We’re dying to know… Who is your cousin… Who is that picture of?

    You have a very nice blog!

  11. Untitled Comment

    Contest, contest, come see my contest and spread the word!


  12. Slapstick Siblings

    I love it when I get my brother with something like that, the symptoms are exactly as you described. But he usually thinks up ways to get back at me, oh horrors ; ))

  13. Picture

    Hello Coie! That picture was hilarious! I hope you thought it was funny too.

  14. Yikes!

    THAT’S an attractive picture. Aren’t little boys annoying? They somehow manage to do the exact thing you DON’T want them to do.

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

  15. Nostrils!

    You might be asking for trouble posting unflattering pictures of people.

    Wait until your cuz learns how to use PhotoShop. You won’t even have to do anything embarrassing for him to make you look ridiculous.

  16. Hurray! Free Stuff!

    I’m a big fan of free stuff. There’s no way I could pass up an opportunity to try and win something that in addition to being free is also something I could actually use.

    Anyway. I answered all the questions in one unified narrative:

    I originally started blogging to practice my writing skills so that they would rot through disuse while I wasn’t enrolled in any English classes. Then someone who I didn’t know read and commented on my blog. From then on I have been addicted to finding new people to read my blog and post comments. I began to actively try and boost my readership.

    As part of my aggressive marketing campaign I signed up for all the major blog services, Myspace, Xanga etc. to funnel traffic to my main blog on BlogSpot. One of the blog services I signed up for was HSB. I then pretty much forgot about it.

    Then a few months ago (February 24 to be exact) I was plunking around following links pretty much at random and I dropped a comment on Miss Igarashi’s blog (I think the link I followed was from Spunky Junior). Anyhow, since her post had been relatively amusing and I was curious to see if she would read my blog. I tagged her with a meme. She responded to my tag.

    Somehow from there her mom came across a post I did describing my disappointing experience with a couple of Marine recruiters. Her mother did a post about military enlistment and linked to me. Several of her readers posted very adamant comments denouncing me as a lying punk.

    That was pretty embarrassing.

    Anyhow, that whole episode got me interested in the Mrs. and Miss Igarashi’s blogs and since they’re both smart and funny I have read their blogs regularly ever since.

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