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Reflections of Nothing

by coie - February 19th, 2006.
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A couple weeks ago, dad and I were going to
the coffee shop for internet.  We were driving down a road that we
took even before we moved out here to TN and dad said, “Remember this
road?”…I said, “Yeah”…”What do you think of it
now”…..”Everything's dead and ugly….Feels like summer until I step

I'm just not adjusting to this whole, when it's summer everything is
green and alive; when it's winter everything is dead and ugly. 
I'm really really really wanting to feel the California sun right

Dad and I took some pictures today so I thought I'd share for my own amusement…

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  2. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you had a great day!


    Amy Beth <><

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    happy birthday!!

    where in CA were you??? i know what you mean…it’s strange having 4 seasons here!

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    happy birthday!!

    where in CA were you??? i know what you mean…it’s strange having 4 seasons here!

  5. HI!

    Hi! I found your blog through Spunky. Just thought I would check out your site! 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday, Coie!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!


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    Wow, thanks everyone for the “Happy Birthday”s! And thanks to momsie, auntie, and kaitlin for blogging about me! 🙂

    Jacqui 🙂 — I lived in Northern CA….between Sacramento and Tahoe…Cool/Pilot Hill to be exact.

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    Happy Birthday Coie,

    I’m not on the computer on Sunday but since you haven’t changed your post from the 19th I’m technically not late. So happy birthday.


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    neato…i lived in visalia, just between fresno and bakerfield. we moved east five years ago, and just today we had snow in the morning, then it melted and the temp rose to 50 or so…only in VA could the weather vary that much in six hours!! wierd, huh? 🙂

  10. Trade ya

    I’ll be there in the dead of winter and you can come here in to HOT, HUMID Tallahassee.

    0:) Amber

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    Happy birthday kiddo, hope you had fun. My next birthday will the 30th anniversary of my 15th birthday, so I won’t be having much fun at all!

    “Dead and ugly” — gee, that’s a downer way to look at one of the seasons that the LORD ordained. Too bad you didnt move to a proper winter locale, there’s nothing more beautiful than a snowy-white landscape. I was just looking at my lawn the other day — all brown and dead and muddy with a bunch’a slimy leaves from last fall — and imagining that in a few months, it’ll be green and full again and we’ll be running the mower.

    I can’t imagine a place like CA without 4 seasons. I spent a month in the Bay Area when I was 19 and the weather was totally boring — foggy in the morning, sunny by 10AM through the end of the day. I wsa yearning for a cloudy day after a few weeks. Being a California TV weatherman must be the easiest job in the world — “sunny today, sunny tomorrow, sunny next week, next month…..” *yawn* l8r, j

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    Happy birthday Coie!

  13. snow..

    You know, in Minnesota, you can’t see all the brown, ugly, dead stuff ’cause there’s too much snow. Florida actually looks kind of gross in winter. The grass is an ugly colour, some trees are naked, but there are flowers growing in some places and the other trees aren’t a pretty green like in the summer, they’re all icky.

  14. Wow! I'm surprised!

    Ok, in your list of people blogging about it being your birthday, I was not there! I DID blog about your birthday. See for yourself.

    Second, I found it a shocker that in all the comments up above, no one even mentioned your pictures. I think you all need to check them out again! Look at the water and now look at the land (do it a couple times over). See it?

    … pretty neato!

  15. Ahem…

    Are you talking about the reflections in the water that are there even though there aren’t any people to make the reflections?

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    Yeah, isn’t that awesome? …I don’t know why I like it so much. I just think it’s cool!


  17. Ugh.. I agree

    I grew up in California… lived there until I graduated highschool now I’m a California transplant living in Chicago. I hate seasons… (ha, sounds funny to say) but I do.

  18. ok…

    It is cool I guess. But freaky too. It almost looks like dead bodies have floated to the top and that’s what we’re looking at.

  19. lol

    Yeah, Its freeky. I looks like the reflection of a ghost or somthing. So, what are you going to name them coie (the pictures – not the ghosts)?

    Everybody names their picture if it’s cool enough!



    P.S. FYI It’s time for an update!


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    I never said anything about the pictures cause I thought they were a little weird.

    However, I agree — time to update. : )

    Auntie Maria

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    Why the new Avy? Oh yeah, my threat of nuclear war has ended, so no need for the survival suits.

  22. So…

    what kind of tree would you like to be right before sweet bro pees on you? How about right after? Deep questions I know.

    Happy b’day..and yer freakyflamehappymomma hasn’t yet adjusted to your aging…she left you as 16 on her sidebar. (or is her template your responsibility you renaissance gal, you)

    Now for my real question: please recommend a good paintball gun. We’re aiming to buy some for our acreage.


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    Okay I thought there was something weird about those pictures when I first saw them but I couldn’t put my finger on it till just now. That’s pretty freaky. Thanks for commenting on my blog about math … hopefully Bill (aka L&J) will think about that, and Spunky Jr’s post about math, and will start taking his math more seriously. Oh, and happy belated birthday!

    Blessings ~ Diane

  24. Princesslovestolaugh

    hush 🙂

    Oh, hush! Your so pretty even what your suposed mullet doesn’t look like a mullet.

    And if you do insist upon calling it a mullet, you must call it a baby mullet. And I think that new (pre baby mullet?) picture is definatly more like the real Coie 🙂 At least, it’s not so Star Wars-y

    And……yeah, the pictures were a little strange. They gave me the creeps first time I looked at them but I didn’t comment on it cause I was trying not to think about it too much 🙂 Like, maybe it’s all your mommsies curry, and it makes the neighbors apear in your pictures. like, maybe they’re trying to find out what you guys are doing rowing in circles on your pond 😛 Oooo, but, I forgot, you don’t have neighbors. Ok, nevermind, it’s just weird then, in any case who is that in the reflections?

    Anyways, thanks for the comment 🙂


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    Coie, go to's blog and leave a comment!

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    Awsome pics!! That’s soo cool how you did that!! See ya tomorrow!


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