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by coie - February 16th, 2006.
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Well, I uploaded this new avatar because
1) people said liked the last one and it was getting to my head and 2)
I wanted you to see my Star Wars side.  Actually, it's my
paintballing side.  Speaking of which, I got hit in the side twice
today by my sister's paintball gun which resulted in a welt on my
hip.  Fun stuff.

My dad shot a neighbor dog with his
paintball gun when it didn't get off our property.  All's I gots
to say is that anyone coming to court me in 27+ years had better show
up in paintball armor, cuz dad's got good aim.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    The dogs got off easy then, didn’t they?

    At least paint comes off.

  2. Untitled Comment

    By the way, your new avatar makes you look uber-mysterious!

  3. Untitled Comment

    first of all, aint no boys allowed to come a courtin for AT LEAST 35 years. you rebellious girl. Stop trying to run off and get married so quick. whats yer hurry?

    Second of all, I like this new picture. It will be *the* in thing to wear when the nuclear fall out happens. We needs to get to cannin’ stuff.

  4. what?

    You’re having a thermonuclear war and not inviting me? that’s not nice…

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