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Back to the Countryside….and Lookin' Like A Tree

by coie - February 13th, 2006.
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I'm back!  Sorry to have fallen off the cyber world for so long, but I've been busy and we just got our satellite up today.

We are moved into our “'stead” as people are calling it.  9.57
acres….15 iffen you count the hills and we are loving it. 
Living in a neighborhood was not cutting it for our family.  I'm
so happy to not have to lock the doors or shut the curtains
again.  🙂

And now to explain my title.

I was going to devote an entire post on how the two good things about
living in the country is that…1) We have well water…none of that
dry chlorinated junk and 2) When I take a shower and my siblings are
knocking on the door saying they have to go to the bathroom, I can tell
2/5 of them, “Just go outside!”  Hardy har har

But then I realized some problems with both of those.

    Well Water Woes (the 3 W's)

The thing with wells is that they are highly sensitive. 
One second the pressure is so high it hurts, and the next thing you
know, you are experiencing Chinese Water Torture by trying to catch the
drips to rinse the soap off your face.

    Just Go Outside!

Apparently the green carpet is getting to Dippy's head.  He's
always had this problem with sleep-walking and such.  Well, last
night he woke up thinking he was outside.  He ran into the dining
room er, holding himself and dancing, whining, “Dad, can I just go on
the ground?!”  Dad didn't quite understand and said, “No, just go
to the bathroom; it's right there.”  Dippy said, “I can't,
Daddy!”.  I can only assume that he thought I was a tree, because
he then turned towards me and prepared to drop his pants.  Dad
picked him up and ran him to the bathroom and all was well.

My my that scared me.  Um, my apologies for such a lame post…I'm really tired.

15 Responses to Back to the Countryside….and Lookin' Like A Tree

  1. Untitled Comment

    Hi Coie! Glad to hear you are back!

    We have just under an acre and have designated “you are allowed to pee here” spots in the yard…now if they can just learn to do it discreetly and only in the backyard then I would’ve really succeeded as a mom.

    Sorry for a lame comment, I’m pretty tired too.


  2. Hmmmmm

    OK, that was a weird post Coie! But I’m glad you’re back in cyberspace again just the same.

  3. Untitled Comment

    Welcome back.

    What are you going to do for your birthday? From what I understand you can’t skip those, I’ve tried a couple times .

    Have a happy day on the new stead!

    Auntie Maria

  4. hey!

    Hey Coie, welcome back!! Sounds like you guys are doing great on your new “farm.”

    Hope to see you soon…


  5. Untitled Comment

    Happy Early Birthday! Your first in the beautiful new homestead!

    We want to know the truth…you guys have the weight loss challenge thing going on…so, will there be cake and ice cream on this birthday? You can tell us, we ‘ll be supportive and understanding a;sldkfjgha;sldkfjgh

  6. Untitled Comment

    For my birthday we are having cherry cheesecake- my favorite! I’m not dieting or anything- just working out! 🙂

  7. Wow! I am so glad!

    Wow Coie! You’re graduating! I’m so happy! And don’t worry, I do lame posts to sometimes. Thanks for letting Ryann talk to me on your cell-phone!

    I love you!


  8. Oh, come on!

    Gimmie a break Coie! You’re not short! And your blogging is fantastic! But-apology accepted, to error is funny, ( most of the time ) to forgive is what a friend does. LOL!

    I love ya!


    P.S. I’m a little tired too.

  9. Country Living

    I know how living in the country is. I LOVED it!!! Now we live in a small town. Not as fun as having a pond and woods about 10 feet from your house. I miss the country!!

    I put you on my friends list!!

  10. Hi!

    If I forget to come by Sunday, Happy Birthday! would you like some honey, now I don’t feel so guilty when I ask her to send my HSB friends, I work for her (need the money). Geez, I thought she was a tough mother, try having her as a boss-LOL!

    God Bless,


  11. Princesslovestolaugh


    Hey Coie! Your homestead stuff sounds like it’s getting pretty interesting (and not lame btw). Just wait til your momsie gets those goats she’s been dreaming of for so long. lol

    Goats can be even funnier than sleep walking little brothers 🙂

    Have fun with those trees and grass and water and stuff 🙂


    Ps. our water doesn’t do that and were on well water 0_o?

  12. Keep this one in your memory bank!

    Now this is the makings of a truly wonderful speech to givel on your brother’s wedding day

    or graduation. 🙂 He’s just going to love all these early memories you have of him!!

  13. Oh, you sweet friend!

    Coie do you get all sniffy and teary because you miss me? Oh, thanks Coie! I miss you tooo! Mommy told me she is going to see your graduation and she promised me she would take pictures. You’re going to come off with a well-earned diploma! Con-grats!

    Your dear friend,


    P.S. You have another comment from me.

  14. How….

    How do you get internet access? You told me you don’t have it yet. Or do you now?




  15. You are so…

    You look sooo pretty in your profile picture! I love ya!


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