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Small Churches

by coie - June 7th, 2005.
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*Ahem* and now for my first serious blog entry…….


Does anyone else here go to a small church?  Small as in only about 50-60 people?  I love it!  Everybody knows everyone and everyone cares sooo much about everyone.  The best part is that it is really a Christian Church.  Based on God's Word only.  We are NOT seeker-friendly, but a real body of believers.  We have had a few people start coming to our church that have admitted they forgot what it was to have true friends and to have fellowship with other Christians.  There are not very many kids either and new “older” people are shocked outta their boots when us kids come marching up to introduce ourselves.  A few families have called it “The Invasion”– referring to the time that my family, and the Suarezes, and Bairds started coming to the church about a year ago.  We nearly doubled the congregation size with the 13 new kids and 6 adults.  :D:D


Here is our church website– and if you're ever in the area– VISIT!!!



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  1. Coie, you're such a great person!

    I am so impressed to see your comments about church and loving it! It is refreshing to see 'young folks' who have such a zest and love for the Lord as you do. I am so excited for the future of God's kingdom when I see Christ in the younger generations.


  2. I DO!!!!

    I go to a small church…I'm not exactly sure how many people there are (we've been going there about 6 months) but there's probably about 50 or 60. It's certianly not a BIG church. I LOVE IT!!!! There's about 7 teenagers (and 5 of us are homeschooled) and we have SO much fun!!!! We're starting a drama ministry and I am SO excited about it!!! The first skit we did was a pantomime (sort of) to Come On Back To Me by Third Day. It was about getting distracted (from God) by everyday things. It was AMAZING!!! Anyway, I love the church I go to!!!

  3. Untitled Comment

    I went to a small church like that for awhile. I actually didn't like it, LOL.

    I am too much of an introvert.

  4. I agree!

    I love small churches, too! Your church sounds like a great place to go. *sighs wistfully* I wish we could come! We haven't found a good Bible-believing Bible-preaching church around our place. They say their Bible-believing, but since they don't preach from the Bible, how is that possible??? lol

    The kids that go to your church sound pretty nice, too. All the churches we've ever gone to, except one, the kids already had their own "cliques" and you either had to make your own or be lonely. lol

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    me too! me too! i go to a small church too. I like it pretty good; cept for when i have a wiggly piggly baby in my lap who doesn't seem to care about Ephesians.

    love momsie

  6. small churches

    I have gone to the same small church for the past ten years, and I love it. It's almost small enough that I can visit with all the ladies present and even some of the men after worship. I would do it, too, but I prefer a longer, more indepth visit with a few, to many short visits.

    When everyone is present, we have 16 adults and 43 children! But what I love most about it is that it is solidly based on the scriptures. We get the meat of the Word… much excellent teaching. Our sermons are close to an hour long, and even my 11yo and 13yo boys love it.

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