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You Found My Blog HOW?!

by coie - January 27th, 2006.
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Ever since I got a statcounter, I've
found it really interesting to see how people find my blog.  The
following are keyword searches that people have done on and
various other search engines and blogsites.  Some are kinda funny!

bonne belle lip gloss history That sounds like the boringest thing ever- must have been a cheerleader. No offense, cheerleaders.


My Food Pyramid If it's your's, why are you searching for it?


Ig? Yes? 


Statcounter direcway Hint: If you have continual visits from Germantown, it's probably you.


Eragon page typo Some people have too much time-  Who looks for typos in a 400+ page book?


12th grade


Bro geoff msn Hey, Dad, some hippie wants your MSN info- should I give it to him?


Funny hillbilly word document Alright, fellow hillbilly, just step away from the computer.


Funny Random words to say Might I suggest “bestesterestest” or “waha!”?


Tickling her feet Ew, gross!


What is your ringtone? Radiance; and your's?


Jars of clay hoodie I'm sure I'd let you borrow it if I had one.  Sorry.


Hitting beavers with paintball guns Someone
has too much animal cruelity thinking time in their hands.  For
the record, I have nothing wrong with killing animals- how else would I
eat steak?


Roller coasters Upside down, twisty turnies or my siblings?


Cost Plus


Healing Garden Organic


Rene margarite artwork Nice choice!

In other news, I drove to Asheville, NC today.  It was a beautiful drive!!!  My 11yo cousin Levi
told me on the trip that the way I sneeze is cute and reminds him of
Tweety Bird.  I didn't quite know how to take that.  🙂

18 Responses to You Found My Blog HOW?!

  1. Untitled Comment

    Silly Coie. What in the worldo are you talking about? Is it not the most weirderest thing that you are checking up on what others are googling about?

    You should do something productive like me instead. I’m ignoring the stinky diaper trash and the dirty dishes in the sink so I can random blog HSB for a couple of hours…after I visit my friends, of course.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



  2. double weird….

  3. Paintball, anyone?

    You are singlehandededly the weirdest person I’ve never meant.

    After reading the title of that one post, I thought you had actually shot a beaver with a paintball gun. I wouldn’t be suprised if you did.

  4. Untitled Comment

    I ditto Bill and Kaitlin….

  5. Hello Coie!

    Well, actually, I haven’t seen all of Wives and Daughters. But Mommy’s planning to. I told LMTM (Little Miss Tickle Monster) hi for you. I miss you a lot too. If you do come in a few months, PLEASE visit us!!! Thanks for the birthday reminder.

    Love you!


  6. Untitled Comment

    Hey Coie! I finished the earings! I will put them in the mail on Monday, priority to your po box. You should get it quick. Give your momsie a hug for me- sorry about the loan thingy-those things are a real pain.


  7. Didn't I tell you Tweety

    NC is Heaven on Earth! Everyone should move there….EVERYONE! From HSB that is:)

    God Bless,


    PS~ Thank GOD there is someone out there crazier than me!!!

  8. I'm Sidetracked

    I done there did it. I’m officially Sidetracked! Havin’ a little contest…care to enter?

    0:) Amber

  9. Untitled Comment

    Coie —

    We are doing th happy dance for you! Well not really but we are really really happy that you are all moving and not too far.

    i am sure you will give us a great update once your all settled in.. atleast you better! fkdjhfdkahskfa


    Auntie Maria

  10. Hope you don't mind….

    You have been tagged. The questions can be found on my blog

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

  11. Hey, you

    What is going on with the 2/3 ASTF Chat thingamabob? You haven’t announced a leader-person yet. Take me to your leader, or I’ll zap you with my laser vision! := -)

  12. Ok, It's up.

    I just put up the link from to this here blog. Now it’s your turn. I put it up as a pictureless-picture-link. I’m having a hard time just setting up a hyper-link.

  13. Coooooooooooooieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

    Where are you Coie?? Please come back soon….. 🙁

  14. Hi!

    Are those real? Wow! 🙂 Hey, Coie, are you going to the Rebelution Tour? Just wondering because I just found a comment on my blog that said you used to live near there! I thought it would be really neat if I saw you at the conference, so I just wanted to ask! 🙂

  15. Untitled Comment


    You are very funny, where did you get that dry wit?

    Miss you all,

    Em, and Jen

  16. pictures

    Dearest Coie,

    I hate to ask you for help, it’s kind of like a peasant asking the queen for a favor but since I know you know everything about everything I wondered if you could advise me. On my homestead blog, under the words “about me” there is a picture of a sheep. Now I like to think that I will be in the group that are called sheep when Christ divides sheep from goats, but I am a bit sensitive to the idea that I might actually look like a sheep. If you get a chance to drop a bit of advice on how to change that I would be your humble servant.


  17. Untitled Comment

    I tagged you! Go to my blog to see the questions.


  18. You need to blog!

    Now, I understand that y’all are moving and such but even your mum is blogging. So, You had better blog or else I just might get MaggieHogan to drive me out to y’all and help me give you a good whoopin. (Is that how you spell that?) Hope to see a new post soon! : )

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