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Multi-Tasking At It's Best

by coie - January 26th, 2006.
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I defy anyone that says I can't
multi-task.  Had you walked into my room last night between the
times of 12:10-12:30 AM you would have come across an amusing
sight.  Since the kids were still up playing chess, I couldn't go
to bed- too noisy!  So I decided to finish my Government lesson
with a twist. 


I did it while hula-hooping
It was kind of hard to read the text while moving constantly, but I
finished without falling asleep at least!  Though, I couldn't feel
my stomach afterwards. I'd like to know what public school will let the
students do that! Bwahaha

Question of the Week: Why is it illegal to park in a handicapped parking space but its ok to use a handicapped toilet?

I, personally, am quite happy that no one is regulating which stall I use.

4 Responses to Multi-Tasking At It's Best

  1. Ahh!!

    I am srprised that you didn’t get sick! I would’ve!! I like your frog. Hey take a peek at my sight I want you to see my blog called “protect your body.” Don’t be afraid of the title! (some people are)

    Girl on Fire

  2. Good Question

    Because there are no bathroom police…..yet. But soon there will be and when they reach there quota for handing out bathroom tickets they’ll be allowed to use it–TRUST ME, they will! Life is unfair, even when it comes to going to the bathroom. Maybe one day you’ll be wise like me-LOL!

    0:) Amber

    PS~ Come by and see my little twin lambs, they were just born today!! They are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  3. i will refrain

    out of great admiration of your mom and auntie to tell you what i did in school…including sleeping and smoking IN A CLASS!!!!

    (notice i couldn’t completely restrain myself)

    i’m much more impressed that you were hula hooping…great way to keep a tiny waistline!

  4. Totally.

    “Why is it illegal to park in a handicapped parking space but its ok to use a handicapped toilet?”

    You know, I’ve been wondering that same exact thing for months! No one has given me a satisfactory answer yet… *sigh*

    Nice blog, btw.

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