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Babysitting Roller Coasters

by coie - January 23rd, 2006.
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And by that title, I mean my siblings
are the equivilant to a roller coaster, not something like an
“emotional roller coaster” cuz I don't experience those.  😀

Anyways, mom and dad left for about 45 minutes earlier and I was
watching my siblings.  I was all comfy in our big chair thing, I
think you call it a recliner, and then Emmiko (10yo) announces that she
finished the kitchen and requested my presence to check her job. 
Well, I was too comfy to get up, so I told her to help me up. 
This led to one of my siblings favorite games.  Before I knew it
Ryann (11yo) and Emmiko were grabbing my hands saying, “Ok, you just
pretend that you are paralyzed and rely on our muscles.  We'll get
you up and into the kitchen.”

This resulted in a painful THUMP
onto the floor.  I've decided to not trust them if I ever do get
paralyzed.  Especially since they remembered a game they like to
play with visiting two year olds.  Ryann grabbed my feet and
Emmiko grabbed my hands and they started spinning me around in circles
on our wood floor- that has bumps.  After writing that sentence,
I've just realized how ridiculous I'm making myself sound.  Oh
well, it was fun.  Besides the occasional stepping on my hair and
kick in the face.  I had to renounce my paralyzed condition every
once in a while because they kept pulling off my socks and didn't know
how to put them on right.

Then Bobo (8yo) heard all the
commotion and joined in.  Ryann took a break and Bobo assumed her
position.  He's pretty strong- maybe rubbing mom's feet did come
in handy (see last post).  Ryann joined us again and I put my
sweatshirt hood over my face because it was freakie seeing their feet
and articles of furniture whiz past my face.  They thought it was
great fun because I screamed every once in a while (any time I peeked
from my hood).

Suddenly I heard, “Lets get her onto the
blanket- It'll be easier to spin her that way.”  I laughed to
myself thinking, “Whatever, I'm too tired to get up and get on a
blanket so they can pull me around.”  But before I had time to
think anything else, I realized they had picked me up completely off
the ground and carried me onto their new transportation device. 
They really are strong! 
I'm considering rubbing mom's feet tomorrow– last time I offered
though, she laughed and tried to kick me– possibly because I started
out by tickling her feet– the bestesterestest way to get out of
rubbing feet!

Anyways, I was lucky enough to flee my spinning
dungeon in one piece and without running into any walls.  Mom and
Dad didn't get home in time to witness it, and hopefully no neighbors
were watching.  I've often wondered if I'll be caught doing
similar ridiculous things while I'm courting or in in the middle of
some other such important event.  That would be the most
embarassing thing in the world.  It's one thing to read it on my
blog- it's another to see it first-hand.

8 Responses to Babysitting Roller Coasters

  1. How funny!

    I want to see your siblings do that!

    Next time call Tracy and we’ll be right over to watch through the windows. fajdhgfasdjhfgasdjhfgasdjhfgasdgasdgfjhg

  2. Untitled Comment


  3. Untitled Comment

    I’m sure it will be that exact same silliness that will make the courters come a callin’!

    And be careful about giving your momsie “good ideas”…the next thing ya know, she’ll want to go to the kitchen for something and will make you drag her on a blanket to get there.

    Better to be drug (dragged?) on a blanket over a wooden floor than on the carpet– can you imagine the resulting carpet burn or static electricity?!

  4. Untitled Comment

    My siblings have done somthing like that to me too! mhgdfgsjhfshfjh


  5. That sounds familiar.

    I babysit frequently but instead of spinning me, I usually get stabbed or hacked by my sword weilding siblings.

  6. Cool!

    How did you train your younger siblings to carry you around? I can barely get them to sit, stay, come, fetch, etc., much less get them to carry me around? What is your secret? Is it the threat of blackmail?

  7. Hahaha…

    Too cute! My brothers and sisters would likely not even attempt to carry me. All 7 of them might not even be able to get me off the ground! Oh well…

    Enjoy your siblings (who appear to be already demonstrating that they have senses of humor similar to yours) and have a wonderful week!

    In HIM,


  8. Untitled Comment

    Yeah, well what about the time when you were eight or nine years old, and you decided to “ride Emmiko” (2). BAM. Her leg broke, remember? She’s getting EVEN, Coie. *Awkward silence* – heh heh. Who loves you? (AUNTIE DOES)

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