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Moms are usually the ones doing this

by coie - January 22nd, 2006.
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You see a lot of moms around here writing
down the stuff their cute little kids say.  Well, I'm here to
write down what my momsie says.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen pouring myself a cup of caffeine, and
started eavesdropping in the middle of mom's conversation with the
kids.  I heard:

[Momsie]: Actually, that's one of the best ways to work out your arm muscles.

[snort from some sibling- unsure of which one]

[Momsie]: No, really, I'm not joking.  Rubbing my feet will totally build up your arm muscles!

[Me- from across house]: She's brainwashing you guys!

When I finally entered into the living room, there was Bobo, Mr. Gullible himself, rubbing mom's feet.  Chuckle chuckle.

Did you know that gullible is actually not in the dictionary? 
That's the only reason I use it.  It sounds cool, and it's not

7 Responses to Moms are usually the ones doing this

  1. Untitled Comment

    Oh contraire, Miss Coie! Perhaps dear Bobo is the smart one. After all, one cannot lose when pampering momsie…I’m sure that gives him many many extra points in the momsie department.

  2. Untitled Comment

    Your family is fun and funny!

    What a combination! Aren’t you so blessed!

    Happy Moving!

    Auntie Maria

  3. saywhat?

    A cup of caffiene? Seriously? And they say I’m weird…

  4. Untitled Comment

    That’s just plain silly. Of course foot rubbing produces large manly forearms. You would know that if you weren’t killing off your brain cells with large doses of caffeine. Caffeine is a killer. That’s probably also why you’re so short. And such a smart aleck.

  5. LibertyandJustice (not logged in for some reason)

    Well, that would explain some things

    Mrs. Ig, I think you’ve found the reason I have such an intrest in politics: That caffiene killed off my brain cells, especially the ‘politics is boring’ part. Which also goes a long way towards explaining why all Starbucks customers gradually (or instantly, in some cases) become (or are) liberals. Stay away from Starbucks. Run for your lives! Speaking of which, anyone have plans for a bunker that can survive a direct impact from a Nuclear Weapon? One never knows when that may come in handy. Again, brain cell damage. ADD? Where was I, oh, uh… Wait, ADD is made up. It really comes from consuption of massive amounts of caffiene, which as we learned earlier causes barin damage. Coie, put down the cup of caffiene, or you will become a brain-damaged woman in a hospital bed with close relatives fighting over your fate. Remember, caffiene withdrawal is hard, so step off it with some chocolate bars in hand, err.. mouth. It works. I am living (functional maybe, but definantly living) proof.

    – Your fellow brain-damaged homeschooled blogger

  6. Untitled Comment

    Bill Williams,

    I can’t believe you of all people are telling me to stop with the caffeine already. Mr. I Can’t Live Another Day Without Publix Ice Tea.

    I also disagree with your Starbucks argument, because 1) I like Starbucks and 2) I’m not a liberal. So there.

    And, I hate chocolate (unless it’s dark, or has almonds), so that won’t help me much.

    Momsie, I ain’t so short…just kinda short.

  7. Untitled Comment

    lol I just saw your link to my blog….thanks for the pronunciation guide for my name 😛 And how did we become “loopy”? lol

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