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Yes, I'm a Southern Gal- not belle, just gal

by coie - January 13th, 2006.
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My last post had people wondering if 1) I lived in the
South, and 2) Had I always lived in the South. 


1)      Yes
siree, ma’am, I live in the South… East Tennessee to be not-so-exact-but-still-a-bit-more-exact-than-just-plain-“South”.  Soon to be “A little bit more East Tennessee” (We’re moving in *counts fingers*… 10
days- close one! I almost had to use my toes that time. Phew.)


2)      No,
I’ve not “Oh-ways” lived in the south, but I’ve Oh-ways talked like this. I
just moved here in October from Northern California- Cool/Pilot Hill, CA to be
specifically exact. 


I say that I’m perfectly civilized (I’ve ditched my “normal” argument
*gasp!*  I just realized that 2 people
said my insanity bothered them!) except for the occasional hillbilly
comment/accent.  However, dad says that I
am naturally a hick since I come from a line of crazy TX and OK hicks.  Notice I didn’t say Okay Chicks…I said
Oklahoma Hicks.  But my momsie is an Okay Chick.  Actually she’s a spiffy chick.  Actually, I don’t know how she’d feel about
being called a chick.  Momsie, your
thoughts please?  Yes, people, my mom
reads my blog- multiple times a day, too!


Anyways, nothing spells out f-u-n like a chai tea latte and
a game of Pinochle till 11:03 at night. Mom and I lost to Dad and Ryann. I had
mom laughing so hard she was crying. 
Literally.  I saw tears on her
cheek.  I think that’s why we lost…Oh
yeah, and the fact that I bid 40 without meld and she had a complete run in an
opposite suit.  Anyone here play
Pinochle?  If so, then we can plan a
blah-blah-blogger meet-up and play pinochle all night.


Oh yeah, and DrewsfamilyTX is
really nice.  And mamaduso makes cool

11 Responses to Yes, I'm a Southern Gal- not belle, just gal

  1. Huh?

    what is Pinochle? Sounds boring…

  2. Untitled Comment

    Pinochle is a really cool but long card game that uses luck and strategy. I love that combination. Now, I’ve gotta go, because it’s snowing outside and that calls for hot cocoa.

  3. Untitled Comment

    well, now that you ask, i actually don’t prefer being called a chick of any sort. you should continue addressing me the way you always have, “Oh Lovely Wise One” or “Madame Mother Supreme” either will do. That last one sorta sounds like a Disco band.

    by the way, i’m still a little bitter about your ridiculous jump bid when we could have pulverated Daddems and Ryann.

  4. Untitled Comment

    Everybody in our family plays pinochle ‘cept me and I don’t want to learn. Everytime they all sit down and play, there is always fighting and arguing and I don’t want to be a part of it.

  5. Untitled Comment

    I don’t play. Long games give me a headache. I like the short games. Uno for example.. I don’t mind losing I just like the game to end sometimes so I’m probably a great candidate for people who must just win I’m happy to help them win hehehehe

    Oh and you must stop by my blog for a laugh. Like your momsie I had a good cry laugh fit this week too. : )

    Have a wonderful day – I think the snow stopped. I don’t think it was really snow here – maybe slush wet stuff. Is that snow? fkjhfaskdjhfasdkjhfasdkashdfk

    Auntie Maria

  6. Untitled Comment

    Yeah you guys lost because of laughing, *excuses, excuses* we won because, oh, yeah, *chuckle chuckle* mom was laughing so hard that she threw the king down that wasn’t meld on meld!

    mom says we’re playing again tonight, NO laughing!


  7. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    How come it isn't spelled pea-knuckle?

    Just wondering. I don’t know how to play it no matter how it is spelt.

    You didn’t ask but I will still tell you that you can call me chick anytime. Any nickname that refers to me as something small is very cool with me. Yep, just so.

    ~Mrs. Williams the needing some coffee chick.

  8. Untitled Comment

    I’m from Northern California. Where on earth is Cool. I’ve never heard of it and I’ve been most anywhere in Ca. I’m from Santa Rosa. Do you know where that is? Now I’m in Oregon. It’s raining. It’s raining a lot. I don’t care for rain much.


  9. Untitled Comment

    Thanks for stopping by my site! Hey, I like Eragon too. We’ll have to compare notes… something I noticed about Murtagh…


  10. Huzzah for Pinochle

    I play pinochle (or pea-knuckle for Mrs. Williams) with my family on a semi-irregular basis.

    I’m generally a pretty timid bidder. I don’t like to bid unless I’m 70%+ sure that I’ll make it. Unless of course my partner isn’t bidding in which case I feel obligated to bid up the opponent at least into the mid 30’s.

  11. Untitled Comment

    Ahhhh…but how do you say “during”: door-ing or der-ing?

    And can you say “across” or are you weird enough to say “acrosT”?

    And if you love the chai tea latte, you should try the new cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks…it is delicioso!

    I thank thee for the compliment. I think you are a pretty swell gal as well.

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