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by coie - June 3rd, 2005.
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Guess what I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally accomplished?  Should I let the suspense grow for a few hours….or days….or weeks?  Ok.


Anyone who guesses correctly (besides mom or dad, cuz I already told them– and NO HINTS!) can have ten bucks.  :D:D  I'll post the answer when I start thinking someone is close. lol

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  1. Um

    You cleaned your room (finally)?

  2. Guess again!

    Hey, my room's not THAT dirty…… can't see my floor……but it's not too too bad…………..I've seen worse………….

  3. ByHisGraceInColorado

    I'll take a crack at it….

    You must have figured out how to open the hood of your new car!!!

    Did I win???

    Mrs. B.

  4. Nope

    Go fish. Oh, and you can guess more than once.

  5. i know! i know!

    Hey Coie,

    i think i knew for a long time! (i'd better not say yet)

    your odd sister,


  6. The subscriber database?!!




  7. You…

    …finished your schoolwork for the summer?

  8. uhhh, let's see.

    Finally figured out how to make me go to -and stay in- time out from across the country? 😉

  9. okay I got it now!

    You drank 10 cups of coffee and were able to sit still? :p

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  10. Errrrrrr, no

    Wait a minute– you actually STAY in the corner when I tell you to? Weird. You have problems. LOL

    And NO to your second answer too. I'll post the answer now……….

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