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Beavers and Paintball Guns

by coie - January 5th, 2006.
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your size, as Mr Beaver you are decisive, confident and bold. You are
brave in times of need and show great loyalty to those you respect.

I love Mr. Beaver!  Want to take the Narnia quiz?

And now for my photo essay entitled
“Paintballing With My Piranha EXT Pro G3 In My Garage”

16 Responses to Beavers and Paintball Guns

  1. Untitled Comment

    I took that quiz and they said I was a mix between 3CPO and R2D2. what do you think that means?

    By the way, nice job at changing the tire. i’m glad that dad didn’t take you to california otherwise i’d be in trouble. actually, if you had left maybe the tire wouldn’t have popped in the first place. at any rate, i’m still glad that you stayed

  2. Untitled Comment

    Whoa…that’s quite a mess Coie.

  3. Untitled Comment

    I took the quiz and they compared me to Aslan….uh, ewwwww-he’s a boy. What is the world coming to!?!??!?!! 🙂

  4. Untitled Comment

    Dash’s response: Whoa! That’s lots of damage!

  5. Well….

    I turned out as Tirian; that’s really wierd.

  6. Untitled Comment

    That’s one big bad gun! fskldjfasdlkfjasdlfk

    I’m glad your having fun with it.

    Aunite Maria

  7. Wow!

    What nice parents you have to let you do that in the garage. Looks like something I’d let my kids do (well, actually I’d be doing it with them) but my husband would absolutely kill us dead! Looks like ya’ll had fun! ~ Fay

  8. Prayer request…

    Please take a moment to stop by my blog and read a prayer request for a woman whose blog I came across… she needs prayer.



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    Practicing in the garage…what a great idea! Once I show my 4 1/2 dd your paintball photos, you will be her hero…a girl with a paintball gun! DS is into paintball, and dd is determined to get a gun on her 5th birthday (in a month). But, it will have to wait. hey, you could use that paintball gun to paint the inside of the new house! There must be some famous artist you could research, then prepare a presenta……ooops, there I go sounding like a unit study hs mom! Thank you for the info on the Bible study you posted on my blog.


  10. Untitled Comment

    painting a house with a paintball gun would turn out looking like a Jackson Pollock. I hate his “art”. 😛

  11. HI and background

    HI, If you want to put the back ground on my blog tell me

    so I can tell you my password.


    well, bye


  12. ouch

    that must hurt really bad when you get hit !?

  13. Hi Coie!

    Lovely pictures. That picture of you is soo pretty! I miss you a lot. Is TN homely?

    Well, gtg!



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    Hehe… I took the quiz. It says I’m Peter! Yay! Comes from being the oldest child, I guess…

    I wish I played paintball… I’ve only done it once :_(

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