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I'm such a dumb friend

by coie - January 3rd, 2006.
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Well tonight I went to see Pride and Prejudice with “Auntie Maria” and Tracy
On the way to the theatres I was saying how I didn't have anything to
blog about…well, later on I was inspired…by my own lack of
brain.  P&P was really great except for a few pieces of art
that could be passed as Michaelangelos.  Otherwise, I really
really liked it.  I'd have to say Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightly (from
Emma) are my favorites when comparing the men in the novels.  I
like how they are so honest with others, and don't just flatter

Anyways, afterwards, we hit Starbucks and I broke my vegan/no sugar
thingamajigger since it was a “special occasion”.  Yuummy. 
Now, Tracy just had a party and I got her a $10 Starbucks card. 
And being the cheapstake that I am, I purchased it with the $25 gift
card I had gotten for Christmas (Tracy, I promise you that the bracelet
was not a hand-me-down, cheap, or bought with some gift certificate to
a store I didn't like.).  When I was buying it I thought, “It
would be so like me to mix these cards up!” but I paid close attention
to what I did and made sure she got the $10.  Anyways, back to
tonight.  I ordered my drink and pulled out my Starbucks card–
why did it still have a sticker on it?  I distinctly remembered
pulling it off.  Ohhhhh shooooot.  When I got my receipt, I
checked the balance and they amount paid and sure enough, I had Tracy's
card.  I wonder if she noticed her card had a weird balance on
it.  “Yeah, Trace, this card is for $13.57…I know its a weird
number, but I've realized you can get exactly 3 of this type of
coffee…and blah blah blah”.  So yeah, sorry Tracy…this is the
idea I was telling you and your mom about after Starbucks.  And if
your, er my, card had less than $10 on it, it's my treat next time we
go to coffee.  Sorry I'm so lame.  I'm not purchasing any
more gift cards ever again.  I mean, I guess it could be
considered my money, but ugh…”Oh, if only I had a brain”. 
😀  Please laugh.  Don't hate me.  I'm not usually so
cheap.  I'm going to bed now.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    Ugh….why did everyone have to go see the new version of P&P. The BBC version with Colin Firth is sooo much better.

  2. Untitled Comment

    Have you seen the new one? Because if not you really cannot say that the BBC version is “better”…though that one is good too. Tracy brought up a good point…It is almost more realistic in this one, because the people are not all fancied up with perfect hair and makeup–they were poor and you really felt that more in this version.

  3. Untitled Comment

    I think you should join the “Nutpickles R US” club… I mean really… I think you should.


    Ant Amy

  4. Untitled Comment

    Tracy IS laughing. She’s got about $6 something left on the card after paying for two coffees. I distinctly remember paying (OUCH) $7 something for two coffees the last time I treated. You should have let Tracy get yours like I suggested. You didn’t goof up it was perfect — do it again hahahahaha

    We had fun! Make sure you take your momsie to see it. I’d like to hear what she has to say.

    Your a blessing! I can see why your mom wants to keep you!

    Auntie Maria

    ps –stuff like that happens to me to — it’s the price of being frugal djfhgadfjhgadfjhadsgf

  5. laugh…

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc, etc, etc.

    You told me to laugh, so I did 🙂

  6. Untitled Comment

    you said cheapstake. cheapstake? i think you mean cheapskate. Is this like an inner plea for meat because of your self imposed vegan experiment?

  7. Untitled Comment

    Hey Coie-

    I found your blog off of your mom’s. You’re awesome; really strange, but awesome! Funny how those two go together so often…..

    I really really really want to see the new P&P, but it’s not playing anywhere near me(although I’m surrounded with theaters!). :hmph: Glad you enjoyed it.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Princesslovestolaugh


    Now Coie, you shouldn’t be beating yourself up about something like that!

    Believe me, I’ve done worse 🙂

    I had a lot of fun with you last night. We need to do some more stuff together!

    But next time, I’M treating. LOL.


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