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Re-Run from 05.27.05

by coie - January 2nd, 2006.
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Due to Kristin's request, I'm reposting “My Food Pyramid” which was first posted on May 27, 2005.  Here ya go! (Kaitlin,
“good places for a nun to live”  will hopefully be coming
soon.  I'm really bad in the geo dept., so I will have to dig up a

Now before you view this, I figured I should mention a few
I am not forced to eat these things as punishment or as a
regular diet by my parents so no one call
  I get sick
usually LESS than ONCE a year so I figure I must be doing something
right regarding the food I consume

#3 They are yummy. [01.02.06
note: Sorry for this lousy graphic.  It was done before I had
Adobe Photoshop, and I had no knowledge in anything design-wise]




Ok, so there it is and here are the amounts:

#1– Yup, that's lipgloss.  Should be used
sparingly (like you “normal” people use sugar, fats, and oils) as it
can give you stomach problems, like candy I might add.  I've found that
Bonne Bell's XTreme Strawberries and Cream tastes the best so far and
it doesn't wipe off completely after licking your lips.  Bonne Bell's
Chapstick also tastes good- watermelon flavored.  I used to eat it by
the chunks while waiting for the nurse to see me and assess my
problems.  Little did she know what I was eating……….

#2 Meat meat meat meat meat.  Yummy.  I feel I don't have to explain myself on that one. [01.02.06 note…I'm currently a vegan…but only for the month of Jan…I'm so missing meat.]

#3 VEGGIES!! Yummy yummy.  Spinach is the best
and I would choose it anytime over ice cream or chocolate or cake– or
any sugar stuff.

01.02.06…hmmm, this was a lot funnier the first time I posted this.  I think I had a warped sense of humor…still do.

4 Responses to Re-Run from 05.27.05

  1. Untitled Comment

    stop eating your lipgloss and go clean your room. i thought you said that if you didn’t have to share a room with your messy siblings that your room would always stay clean. so like now what’s your excuse?

    love momsie

  2. Untitled Comment

    Boy I sure bombed your comments section. Nice post to suggest.

    Mrs. Ig – I’ll come and clean Coie’s room. I’ll organize it too…

  3. Untitled Comment

    Kristin, I would be afraid that you would get lost in there and we’d never ever see you again. thanks for the offer tho. hows about you come down here and help us pack instead?

  4. Untitled Comment

    Sounds like a fine plan to me. The only problem is………………I don’t have any money.

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