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Oh, Boredom!

by coie - January 22nd, 2009.
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Ok, some random questions for my four readers.

1) What is your least favorite letter of the alphabet to write?

2) If you could pick from anything in the world, what would you choose to be the square root of purple?

3) Which side of your mouth do you primarily chew with?  Don’t pop something in your mouth.

4) Which hand do you brush your teeth with?  What occupies the time of your other hand while you are brushing?

5) Pick a day, any day, in the future.

Yes, these were meant to be frustrating.  I’m ready for 2010.

11 Responses to Oh, Boredom!

  1. 1.) z… in cursive, I never remember how to do it.
    2.) Home Depot Orange.
    3.) Right.
    4.) Right. Depends on what I’m doing- sometimes nothing, sometimes typing, etc.
    5.) 2009/04/09… and yes, I write dates like that, even though I’m American.

  2. Where yeh goin’ Banana Cookies?

    2010 is more than welcome to stay in the future because, seriously, what would we do about the phone bill?

  3. 1) Q. Because it never looks right when I write it.

    2) Beniimo. It’s the Okinawan sweet potato – and it’s purple. Therefore it is a root that is purple. Just cube it and VOILA – the SQUARE ROOT OF PURPLE. *hahahaha Bet you didn’t see THAT coming!!!*

    3) The left. And I need to stop doing that or I’ll wear down my teeth faster. Yuck.

    4) The right. And the left holds onto the counter so I don’t fall over. I don’t know why. It just does. Cuz sometimes when you lean over to spit out the toothpaste you might just crack your forehead on the faucet and fall over, ya know???

    5) Tomorrow, tomorrow!!! (Cuz the sun’ll come out….tomorrowwwwwww.)

  4. PS Yes, you can go tell your mother I’ve officially lost it.

  5. Alright, now you’re REALLY losing your marbles. I don’t think anyone could answer better than Melonie.

  6. 1) Capital cursive “E”. The way you were taught to write it. Drives me crazy.

    2) a striped beach towel

    3) the right (I didn’t mean to cheat, but I’m eating dinner as I type this)

    4) my right hand brushes, the left hand props me up on the counter.

    5) January 25, 2018–my baby will turn 18 years old.

  7. 1. A capital H.
    2. 080008 – This is the square root of a hex purple (660066) sort of.
    3. Right
    4. Right hand brushes, left hand fidgets.
    5. 7-14-27, I’ll be over the hill.

  8. Rabenstrange, you would have to pick something that almost makes sense.

  9. LOLOL Thanks, Chasmo!

  10. 1) “i” – and it’s even worse to type. I’ve either got to do the whole “dot” thing, or hope that the autocorrect function doesn’t force it to uppercase. You know, sometimes you just want your i’s to be simple. 😉

    2) According to Carl Wheezer (from Jimmy Neutron), it’s gotta be some measure of Flexnards. I honestly don’t know what a Flexnard is, and you don’t want to know what squaring it makes up 1 cup of.

    3) CHEW? I’m an adult male, and served in the military. That precludes me from chewing food. A seven course meal can go down in about 40 seconds – and most of that is waiting for the next course to be served.

    4) I alternate hands. The other hand lays in wait for its turn to pounce.

    5) 2010-10-10 – it’ll be my tenth anniversary, and the short yymmdd notation (101010) is the binary equivalent of “42”, which is the answer to “the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.” Hopefully it’ll make sense that day.

  11. @William:

    Dates are supposed to be written that way according ISO8601. When I was teaching computer technology I warned my students they would immediately fail if they didn’t write the date in that format. A bit pushy, maybe, but there are far more of us Americans using it now than I ever before. And it *really* grates me when I see people using dd/mm/yyyy format. Don’t they know that completely violates logic? Whatever happened to order of significance and all that jazz? I always get lost on a mental tangent about how they must write their times: AM/PM ss:nn:hh

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