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Yay for Funky Skirts!

by coie - January 19th, 2009.
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Somebody really ought (aught? … a’ight?!) to forbid me from entering fabric stores when I have no money.  That being said, I present to you my new $32.70 (plus 7 hours labor) funky handmade skirt.

No, I’m not that white — that would be a tank top.

Included in this pic is my handy dandy bandana, strictly for creative inspiration (*you* try designing a skirt without one!).

Anyways, I think it was worth the time and money.  It’s ever so much fun to wear!  Now I need to go to bed.

16 Responses to Yay for Funky Skirts!

  1. I officially name your new design the Holly Hobby skirt. Now you have a Milk Maid Skirt and a Holly Hobby skirt in your Cozie Creation Clothing Line.

    I love you, Coie Penelope Igarashi!
    Yours Truly,

  2. It’s beautiful, but I think it’s a tad on the short side. You should really work on that. I don’t want to be seeing any carpet.

  3. Charley…You made me laugh my head off.

  4. Mama, that’s not my name.

  5. Well, I tried writing your REAL name once and you erased it, so make up your mind. Flip-flopper.

  6. Mom’s name their children — and they get to name their children whatever the heck they want. It’s not my fault if you don’t like it. But it’s my right to call you anything I want. And I like Penelope.

    I’ll give you a choice… either Penelope or Calliope (Kuh Lie uh pee) take your pick.

  7. you’re wearing a quilt! but I like it. Are you gonna make me one next? PLEASE?? I just want regular denim.. so i can wear it with whatever. and you might want to make the top elastic… You’d better hurry cause in a couple weeks we’re going to know weather this baby is a boy or a girl and it’ll be time for you to start on their quilt! 🙂

  8. I just realized that I made the word “mom” possesive instead of plural. How silly.

  9. It’s beautiful, Coie! Great job!

  10. Jen! I like those names too! When we adopt a Hawaiian girl, we’ll name her Calliope. The Spanish girl will be Penelope.

    They sound like tropical fruit in a foreign language. Then again, Mary Jo and Betty Lou are pretty exotic too.

  11. Charley, this is a true story… when I was working in Cali at a business office, one of my co-workers brought her nieces in; their names were Plum and Pomegranite. I think they had another brother or sister that had a fruity name, too.

    I also like the name Apple. It’s cool. I used to know a girl named Apple when I was in Kindergarten.

  12. I wonder if Plum will have to endure people calling her Prune once she passes 60?

    Cool story. Mom must’ve been a little fruity though, or just nuts. Then again, it WAS California.

    Funny how we’re talking about NOTHING related to your daughter’s post.

  13. Can’t you all discuss this on facebook or mom’s blog?

  14. Nah, this is more fun to bug you.

    You know, when we visit, I’m going to have to toss a cat or two in your pond. That will be funny.

  15. when you come to visit? WHEN YOU COME TO VISIT??? Oh Charley, don’t EVEN get me started because I know for a fact you STILL haven’t got the plane tickets.
    Jess… can’t you make him buy stuff when we want him to? All three of us have ganged up on him and he STILL won’t buy the tickets.

  16. Awesome! That gives me some ideas for salvaging all those old pretty patterned dresses my sisters and I wore out and grew out of…


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