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by coie - January 18th, 2009.
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I wore p-jammie pants to work yesterday….under my skirt.  That’s how cold I was.  And when people said, “I can’t believe you didn’t wear pants today”, I told them “I DID!” and lifted the hem of my skirt triumphantly to reveal my ever-so-snazzy blue and white striped pj’s.  I continue to amaze them.

Then when I got home, I was met with a giggle fest.  Emmiko had two friends over and all they did was make yummy concoctions for me to eat.  I like chocolate covered strawberries…a lot.

A little later they announced that there was a hound dog on our property.  No biggie.  Then they saw flashlights over by our barn.  We get coon hunters on our property every year about this time, so I wasn’t that concerned and went out on our deck to make sure they didn’t get too close.  As they fumbled around through the woods, I yelled across the property, “Watch out for the electric fence!” ….(Men) “Thank you!”…..(Me) “And the dog!”….

I think the part about the dog made them think I was making stuff up because they continued to get closer.  Then suddenly we heard “OOOW!”, and the four of us kids standing out there couldn’t help but burst into a wave of giggles.  The poor electrocuted fellows got off our property in a snap, and I never even got my gun out.

Oh, the adventures of living in the South.

3 Responses to Think Dorkie

  1. Okay – I’m blaming you for the chocolate milk I just spit on the keyboard. LOL

  2. My little sister works at Godiva’s so we get chocolate dipped strawberries whenever she closes.

  3. Ok, please inform your sister that she is now my best friend, and she can feel free to express mail any unwanted (or wanted) extras straight to TN.

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