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by coie - January 15th, 2009.
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I’ve recently come to two conclusions.  One good, one bad.

I intimidate even the most flirtatious young men with my icy gaze of deprecation.  That’s the good thing. 

My other point is quite humbling.

I look like these chicks when I grin:

Oh.  Maybe that’s why I scare them.

8 Responses to Um……Nevermind

  1. Hmmmm….it’s a toss-up, frankly. bwahahaha

    (Or would that be BOCK BOCK BOCK?)

    Seriously tho – I don’t think that’s what you look like. However, if you are grinning after glaring, you probably ARE scaring them – they are wondering what you are plotting.

    Also a good thing. ;-P

  2. l;kasjfdlkasjfdlskafjlksafjd;a
    I know how much you love *LOL*

    but that was funny…

  3. whooops. i’m not you. it’s me… momsie. you ought to sign out when you’re using my computer.
    love, momsie

  4. i agree with your icy glaze comment (and you wonder why can’t get a man), but do NOT agree with your grin comment. HOWEVER, you do resemble those chickens when you squeal/giggle. but it’s cute.

  5. ok, actually, i just realized that you said you shoot that icy glaze at *flirtatious* young men. That’s fine. You don’t want those kind. Especially the ones in TN. I’m going to stop now.

  6. An “icy gaze of deprecation” eh? That sounds like a fearsome weapon for driving away potential suitors.

  7. You seem to have a solid grasp on reality. Most guys don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of deprecation.

    What’s funny is those actually *are* chicks. Not just fleeting ladies.

  8. Actually, I think my clay-mation grin is the more fearsome of the two.

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