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Cozie-ness Defined

by coie - January 11th, 2009.
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Sometimes all a girl needs is a cup of hot cocoa, a bowl of Schwan’s Strawberry Supreme ice cream, a good book from the 1800’s, a roaring fire and an old homemade quilt.

I fully intend to work my tail off tomorrow.

11 Responses to Cozie-ness Defined

  1. That does look cozy… i wish i had some strawberry ice cream. bring me some will ya?

  2. Jess doesn’t really like Strawberries. She likes chocolate and peanut butter. And cookie dough.

    Let us know how those intentions work out. Oh, and I understand you have something to tell me about.

  3. Looks like my kind of day!

    BTW, I love that video–the laughter in your family is so precious, even if part of the time was serious goofiness. I just love the sound of it. When are you coming this way? We need to laugh more often. We certainly are a bunch of stodgy, boring, stoics!

    Mrs. B.

  4. That looks like the perfect day.

  5. Yah, he’s talking about the case of the missing ring. I snitched on you. sorry.

    and he’s right about the ice cream thing. he knows me well. Good thing..

  6. ps. Charley, quit using different names. You’re throwing ME off now too. for a second there, i was wondering how in the world George Calhoun knew i didn’t like strawberries.

  7. I second Jess… Coie already has two Uncle Georges.

    And everybody needs a crazy “Uncle Charley”. Do not deprive her of that.

  8. your hot chocolate seriously looks like it’s about to spill all over you and that lovely lazy boy.

  9. oh wait. that’s your couch. well still.

  10. I typically don’t like strawberry ice cream either, but this has real strawberries and chunks of dark chocolate in it. We’ll eat a whole tub of it when you come out next month, ok?

  11. My word. That looks wonderful.

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