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I Humbly Accept Defeat

by coie - December 31st, 2008.
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Nyquil Liquid Gel Caps are the best imagination-boosters.  Not too mention they help you feel better when you’re sick.  However, I am so opposed to taking medicine that I always try to ward off the effects of this wonderful drug.  I can always feel it coming on as I lay in bed waiting for it to put me to sleep.  First I get a bit drowsy and my nasal passage clears.  Ah, I can breathe.  No, I can’t put my guard down.  I know what happens when it takes over.  But it always does.  And it’s so dreadful because in my half-consciousness I have to succumb to the awkward defeat.


Because the truth of the matter is that when this stuff really kicks in, my mouth suddenly thinks that there is some great matter of something in its territory and produces enough saliva to thoroughly conquer the intruding apparition.  This wouldn’t be so horrifying if I had full control over my senses and could swallow rapidly, but I don’t.  And in my half- slumbering state, I simply allow it to march on and triumph over much bigger battlefields, namely my pillow and whichever unsuspecting cheek I’ve chosen to lay upon.  It does make for an unlucky state of affairs.


But such is the way of life.  If you must accept help from the powers contained in green gel caps, you must duly accept the natural consequences without complaint.


This most unladylike post has been brought to you by your ever-so-charming, yet surprisingly indelicate cyber-hostess, Coie Igarashi of


5 Responses to I Humbly Accept Defeat

  1. Does your Nyquil cure delirious sick dreams? For me that’s probably the worst part about being sick.

    By the way, your comments field is having issues.

  2. Funny – a drool post. I like how you tried to change your templateBut this one stinks. I can’t even see what I’m typing. Nappy Hew Year.

  3. Yes, I know my template is having serious issues. I never meant to actually change it and I’m currently waiting for my genius friend to assist me in loading the theme that I want. So I’ll stick with this boring one for now, since I overwrote the other one.

  4. YAY!! Boring!! And sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m really not assisting you in loading the theme you want. Good luck with that!

  5. Unca Chuck, you are a dork.

    I remain truly, your favorite hippie niece,

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