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Warning: Not for the Faint-Hearted

by coie - August 23rd, 2007.
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Unfortunately, I learned that I may be placed into the above category.

It all started when Bobo walked into the house and very calmly tried to explain that Dippy’s arm was hurt.  This child has already broken his elbow twice, and so mom’s first response was, "Coie, go RUN and check on Dippy.  I think he broke his arm."

So I found him in the laundry room, whimpering.  Good.  No screaming.  He had a deep cut in his arm, revealing his muscle.  Surprisingly, it was not bleeding much at all.  I came in and told mom, "Nothing is broken, but he’ll need stitches.  He has a deep cut and I can see his muscle."  At this news, my momsie promptly sat down on the kitchen floor, holding her head and saying, "Coie, don’t TELL me stuff like that.  I think I’m going to faint!"  This is usually her reaction to any sized wound, spit or puke.  She just doesn’t do that stuff.

I called around for a doctor, but since we don’t have health insurance yet, I was told to go to the ER because they could set up a payment plan for us.  Mom, Dippy and I left and after a short wait, we were waiting for the doctor to come in.  Mom left when he started and I held Dippy’s hand and watched.  It was all fascinating to me.  I winced for Dippy because I knew he was in pain, but all the while I watched everything the doctor did.  Then it hit me.

I got nauseous.  I thought, "Huh?  Oh, it must of been that Dr. Pepper I just had."  Then my head felt funny.  I breathed in and out deeply and looked into the hallway.  "What is WRONG with me?" I thought.  When my hearing went out almost completely, I walked out to mom and said, "I can’t hear anything." but she was talking to a nurse, and it wasn’t that big of a deal, so I just stood there.  I thought I was going to puke, and my head felt REALLY funny now, and it sounded like my mom and the nurse were whispering.  I figured I was poisoned.  Then my vision blurred and smashed together and did somersaults.  I looked at mom and said, "I don’t feel good."  She looked at me wide-eyed and said, "You don’t LOOK so good.  You’re really white!"  I sat down and my hearing came back immediately, then my head felt better.  I had asked for water but the nurse came back with a sprite and crackers.  That was the last thing I wanted.  I broke into a cold sweat, but after a few minutes I was back to normal.  My color didn’t return for about 10 minutes though.

Dippy was able to get out with a few stitches and a tetnus shot, and he’s doing good now.  I just can’t believe I almost fainted.  What a BABY I am! 

So, that was our adventure yesterday.  Mom was just happy that I was home and we had a car.

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    next time i'll heed your titles. i got half way thru the post and then woke up twitching face down on the keyboard. can somebody get me a Sprite?

  2. Don't worry…

    … Our pastor is just like that! He was doing something and he cut his finger. He turned white and had to sit down for thirty minutes! Oh well maybe I should have told him to drink a sprite! LOL! Although he's a Pepsi lover…

    The only time I turned white was when a ten-year-played a joke on me with fake 'blood'. *sigh*


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    Goodness…that's scary. I kinda wince at those things, but normally I'm okay. Maybe cause I'm used to it. =P Glad he's okay now.

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    That's funny! I got a gash in my knee last year to the bone. It was pretty neat. I watched the Dr. clean out the wound and stitch it. What I couldn't watch very long is him giving a shot right in to the wound. Man, it just looks like it should hurt!

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    Oooo. Poor dip. Musta hurt him. 🙁

    Sorry, I don't know how that musta been for you! I don't get sick or faint from stuff like that at all. 🙂 Actually one time for Co-op my class had to watch a surgery on a dog and I was the only kid in my class out of 5 girls and 4 guys that didn't get sick! 🙂

    Sami 🙂

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    Wow, poor little guy. and poor you. hope ya'll are doing ok now.


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    Wow, good job! I've only fainted a few times and it has come on so quickly I haven't had time to wonder why I felt so bad. And last year my daughter Leah was sitting on a stool in the kitchen and passed out in a second! Both of us have blood-sugar issues, so we know how to deal with it now, but in the beginning it's surprising. Glad to hear everyone's ok. Karen


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    I hope Dippy is ok.

    You are so brave.. !

    Mrs R

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    When my now 17 yo dd was 5, her younger sister pinched a keychain in her mouth and blood was gushing everywhere. My world started to spin, but said older dd got a hold of me and said, "Mom, I need you to go into the bathroom and then bring me a wet washcloth."

    I totally hear you about the ears going deaf, world feeling funny thing! Unfortunately, it happens to me fairly regularly.

    Glad to hear your brother's OK. 🙂

  10. Awww

    I am so glad Dippy is alright. What a fright. ; ) Something similar happened to Caleb, but he's alright too.


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