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You Were Named After A Fish?

by coie - August 16th, 2007.
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Yesterday at my work, I greeted a customer and saw by the logo on his shirt that he was the owner of a resort who has two employees which I refer to as "the TWO stooges" at home.  It is hard to put my finger on it, but these two fellows are just….clowns….unintentionally.  Anyways, the owner (who does not act like a clown, but must be somewhat of one for hiring those two guys) looked at my nametag and said, "Coie?".  He pronounced it correctly and I smiled and said, "Yup!".  Then he said, "You were named after a fish?".  "No, that’s KOI."….. "Are you trying to tell me you never get called Koi?"…"Uh, yeah, actually I do."  "I KNEW it!" and he walked out of the store.

It is always funny to me when frequent shoppers start talking to me like they know me and call me by name.  One person saw me, turned back to what they were doing, then looked over real fast and said, "You’re here EVERY DAY!"  My thought was, "No, I’m not….but you probably are!"

Right now I am at our pastor’s house.  I got here last night and I’ll be here until tomorrow afternoon.  I’m watching their kids, and one of their friends who is one of the sweetest fellows I’ve ever met.  Anyways, they are playing a video game right now, so I decided to take over the computer.  I guess I’ll go back out and finish reading my book, "God’s Smuggler" by Brother Andrew.  Actually, it’s mom’s, but I’m stealing it.  It is extremely, highly interesting.

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  1. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl


    a new book…..I love the sound of that!

    It sounds like some of the CO-OP customers are making their way over to the Home Depot. 🙂

    ~auntie spiffy


    Untitled Comment

    I enjoy hearing your work stories.

    Have a blessed rest of the week!


    Mrs R

  3. TAG!!!!


    Do you take tags? If so, go to my blog!



  4. Untitled Comment

    Never heard of the book…..But i'm gonna find it and read it! Any book that's okay to read, i want my hands on! lol

  5. Untitled Comment

    Coie? Neat Name. I wish my name was different 😛

  6. Untitled Comment

    your post CRACKED me up.. lol… that's awesome

    just smile and nod.. good job there ya home depot hic

    by the way, you KEEP blowing me off.. would you *please* call me? i'm having a hard time with my blog. I lost a bunch of pics from some of my older post and am going to cry! Whadda I do?

  7. Hi ya!!!

    I hope that your babysitting went WELL!!! I just enjoyed reading and catching up on your blog!!:) I did not know that you were named after a fish…. hmmm… just kidding!!:):)

    You are a FANTABULOUS sewing teacher and I will be sincerely sad when my lessons end!!:(:( You are such a blessing!!

    Love and God bless!

    Mrs. J.:)

  8. Untitled Comment

    Well Coie you could just go by your real name !! Jenifer !! Oh well you look more like a Coie and hey Koi are my favorite fish and you are one of my favorite people !!! love you and your whole family and miss you like crazy ,, love grandmapa sharon and tell Mrs J I said hi too and the jam jelly is great ….

  9. Home Depot Hics

    That would be us.

    We're ALWAYS at Home Depot or Lowe's. For instance, we spent a whole 2 hours there this morning. And we still have to go back tomorrow to get the stuff we didn't get today. (and it's not because we got lost…some things just take time).

    We know the managers by name (and they know us), as well as who works in what dept. Yeah, can I talk to Paul in Appliances please? Jude in doors. Cassie in lighting. Rick in plumbing. And my poor boys know the stores like the back of their hands. It's sad really.

    When will it ever end?!

    We're hoping to be done with our remodel by mid-Sept. We were supposed to be finished a month ago.

    Okay, I'm done with my crazy-inhaled-too-much-drywall-dust rant. Or you can just be like Jess and laugh at me and call me a Home Depot hic. Yup, I'm raisin' my hand right here! That's me.


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