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1 more secret and pictures

by coie - October 26th, 2005.
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Ok, the one last thing about my momsie's cookin'…something I never thought possible….are you ready?  She can BURN steamed broccoli.  Wow, truly amazing.  I applaud you for that mom…going for the impossible…and accomplishing it!


Here's our good ol' Betty Crocker Cookthebook:


Here is my explosive tomalito on the counter…forgot to take pic of the glass all over the floor:


And while reading Betsyfriend's blog I saw that she doesn't have a dryer…just do what we do:

Hang it on the beams!  Sort of embarrassing if someone shows up unexpectantly, though.


There are some pluses and minuses about not having a dryer:


Plus- Your clothes don't shrink.  A lot of times, my pants fit just right and then when we wash and dry them, they shrink and I have to wear them for about 3 hours before they fit again.


Minus- Your clothes don't shrink.  My pants are so baggy right now.  I have to constantly tighten my belt, and trust me, I ain't getting skinnier.


That's it for now..I'm going to set up my bed now.  Oh, nevermind…I'm gonna go watch the Boog.  The Boog is my baby brother, btw; not a movie

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  1. Untitled Comment

    This is absolutely hilarious!!!!! LOL….you sure made quite a mess…

    Nice talking to you….


    ps…the site says “coming in october…”

  2. Untitled Comment

    Oh yes, and I have the same problem with my clothes too 🙂


    Spunky Jr. stop making fun of me because your monitor’s better. YOU WIN, OK?!?! LOL

  4. MySmokyMtnHomeschool


    I love the picture of the cookbook. Did you tell your mom that she is not actually supposed to *cook* the cookbook? LOL


    Miss Amy

    BTW, I couldn’t find that song your mom wanted. I’ll keep looking. 🙂

  5. Untitled Comment

    Okay I’ll stop. Maybe I’ll get you a monitor for the next 20 christmas’s okay?

  6. monitor

    Miss Amy– thanks for looking for that song!

    Spunkish- how about you get me a monitor for our birthdays to prevent any future “fights”. lol

  7. Untitled Comment

    Great idea 🙂

  8. Untitled Comment

    Wow, you look like you are having a huge yardsale. In the house. And what a MESSY kitchen….shame. heh heh

  9. Untitled Comment

    I’ll bring the monitor when I come to celebrate our birthdays 🙂 But you’re going to have to get me something reeeeaallly good to make up for this!

  10. errrr, ehhhhh

    Wellllll, ummmm, er, I’ll take you to Starbucks?

  11. Haha!!!

    Love the photos!!!

  12. Untitled Comment

    Yard sale….did someone say yard sale? I’m there 🙂

  13. Untitled Comment

    If you’re planning on starbucks….then it better be more than one! Like 20 million carmel macciatos…with extra caramel…

  14. Untitled Comment

    for SHAME. shame on you. shame on you times two. you spelled plusses wrong. remember if you want the vowel to stay short you must double the consonat. SEE THAT??? i’m better at spelling than you. I can’t cook, but at least i know how to spell better. brat.

    PS i can’t see all the pics on your blog. and i’m hoping the laundry one does not show on anyone else’s either

  15. *mischievious glance*

    Mrs. Spunky, I’m putting price tags on all my family’s stuff right now. You can make the check out to me or otherwise pay me in quarters.

    Spunky Jr., mmmm, have you had those? Those are my favorite when the weather is warmer.

    Pianogal86- glad you enjoyed the photos!

  16. Oh My!

    You are waaaaay funnier than your mom! (Shhhh! Don’t tell her I said that!) If my youngest son wasn’t already a courtin’ a lovely young lady I’d pick you out of that Spousal Catalog that your folks have just started!!!! (I can’t pick out spousals for eldest son – he carries a large weapon . . .)

    I think you should enter my contest. Sounds like SOMEONE in your family could really use a good atlas.

  17. hehe

    I entered your contest, but I think if I win the atlas, mom would put it on a hot burner. als;kdfjal;sdkjf

  18. BUT-

    You can’t win if you don’t actually enter! LOL!

  19. Untitled Comment

    So how long are you grounded for after posting those pictures? Just curious…………… ; )

  20. contest and such

    Mrs. Hogan– I entered! I left a comment on your blog

    KarenW- Not grounded…I just give her the “Chinese smile” and all’s well. hehe

  21. Untitled Comment

    Fraps are better for warmer weather….duh….they have ice in them….and ice makes things cold…which would make you cool down. lol

  22. Untitled Comment

    That is sooo funny with the laundry!!! What are you turning into, hillbillies? LOL

    That cookbook cracks me up! Maybe it would be safer and tastier for your family to consider this:



  23. Untitled Comment

    Co-weeeeee, Cool house! I would love to live in a log cabin! (sans the housekeeping, poison ivy, backyard open pit septic service, oddball neighbors, etc. etc. etc.) It looks exactly like the cabin our friends from New Zealand stayed in for a time, and the mom even did the same thing to her cookbook! But it was on the inside and she never could read the recipe again. l8r, jfc

  24. wow

    JFC?!?! Isn’t that like the initials of one of our former presidents? I mean, SOMEONE, was bound to spell Kennedy with a C, right? Someone like my dad…heehee

    For anyone that didn’t know how to say my name, please see President JFC’s pronounciation guide right above this comment.

  25. President JFC?

    Coie, You’re really funny! To paraphrase Senator Palpatine in Episode I, “We’ll be watching young Miss Ig’s career with great interest!”

    Actually, I thought JFC could be a new fast food chain, like “Jeorgia Fried Chicken”… (uh… wait a minute…) Anyway, it might then be suitable to call me “Colonel JFC”!

  26. Untitled Comment

    Those are some great pictures!!

    I thought of you last night when I was roasting some jalapeno’s for my salsa and one blew up! Not as messy as your tomal-a whatever it was… but.. I was cleaning up jalapeno seeds off of my shirt and the wall behind the stove…


  27. hahaha

    ROFL… Colonel JFC it is!– too funny. If I told my dad Georgia was spelled with a J, he’d totally believe me. ;lskdfja;dlskfj;sadlk

    Happy Apple- Oh no! Here’s a tip when dealing with jalepinos– don’t rub your eyes after handling….owwww.

  28. Untitled Comment

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I love your clothes line. By the way, I didn’t know the sasquatch was such a horrid kitchen mate. You poor thing. We may be neighbors soon. If so, I may have to deliver you meals on wheels. LOL!

  29. Cooking


    I can see you recieved a zillion comments already but I really enjoyed the laundry shots. It looks like ya’ll ur real comfy out thar. Thanks for making me laugh.



  30. Beam me up, Scottie!

    I don’t think your “drying racks” are anything to be ashamed of — why, if we had beams like that in our house, you’d better believe I’d be using them for the same purpose! As it is, we have four indoor drying racks, four over-the-radiator drying racks, and one triangular drying pole in our back garden. It sort-of resembles a spider’s web, which is really ironic, because there are a bunch of REAL spider webs all over it. This morning when I was rescuing some shirts and towels from an imminent rainstorm, I had to brush about five of them off, in addition to shaking the baby spiders off some of the clothes. It was lots of fun. 😉

    P.S. Thanks for the laundry tips! I’ll be sure to weigh those pros and cons before my next load. 😛

  31. Join me in the fight!

    Okay… so I’ve posted an idea to help your mom… stop at my site and spread the news!



  32. Untitled Comment

    Hangers. You got no hangers?? Zee clothes can dry jist as well on hangers. 😉

  33. Untitled Comment

    I LOVE the pictures! They are soooooooooooooooo funny.

  34. Untitled Comment

    I like, Totally stole this entry!

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