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Don't Mind Me — I'm New

by coie - August 10th, 2007.
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Yesterday after teaching a sewing class, cleaning at the church and getting some shopping done, I arrived at home and relaxed.  I read some quilting magazines, sat on the couch and just enjoyed my day off.  I was nearing the end of a high intensity battle of Sorry! with Bobo and my momsie when I heard my cell phone ring.  Now let me tell you, both my parents were home and they are about the only people that ever call me so I figured it was either Kaitlin or a wrong number.  It was Home Depot…yeah, my employers.  I figured they wanted me to come in and fill in for somebody that called in sick like they did on Wednesday.  Instead the conversation went something like this:


"Uh, hi, this is Matt at Home Depot and the schedule says you’re supposed to be in here at 4."

*gasp* "Oh!  What time is it?"


"Oh! Uh….did they change the schedule?"

"I don’t think so."

"Ok, because I checked that thing 4 times and my name wasn’t on there today, but I can be there in 45 minutes.  I’m really sorry!"

….So I got in an hour late.  I’m telling you, they changed the schedule mid-week.  I guess I need to start checking it daily.  And then this morning I realized I never signed in and out for my till (money) yesterday.  I should have written "Idiot" instead of "Coie" on my apron.

In better news, it is fun to see people’s reactions to a cashier in a long skirt.  And no, I am not a "skirts only" person, I just prefer to wear them for comfort.  One customer asked if I was Amish.  Er, no.

Ok, I’m going to sign off now….maybe I’ll write myself a checklist on my arm so that I remember to how to open my locker or make sure I have a tray to put my money in.

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    Oh my Coie that was not nice to change the schedule and not tell you … who won the sorry game ??? Bo Bo is an excellent player !!!! sure do miss you guys … love you all hugs to all too love Grandpa sharon and pleeeese tell Mrs J that her jelly jam is yummy!!!

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    Hi Coie, My daughters actually DO write on their arms. It sort of wigs me out, but it's effective. I write lists on index cards and then lose them, but the girls don't lose thier arms. Whatever works, I guess. Hope you're having a great day! Karen (bensrib)

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  4. Boy!

    That sounds like me! I think I will self-employ myself, that when when I do something stupid, there is a good possibility that no one will be around to see it. However, embarrassing moments can be so humbling, and that can be a good thing!

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    Zowie! Glad you made it. I'm sure this isn't the first time they've had to remind someone about their shift.

    Although if you do think they'll change things on ya, just make a copy of the schedule or take a picture of it! David doesn't trust his company (sad but true) so he is always printing out copies of his schedule and pay register. With the new fandangled computer systems, it's easy to change things without a trace… or print out copies just in case.


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    Thanks for driving you mom and siblings over today. and fixing your schedule so you could come out for ice cream. What a blessign you are to your family.


    Mrs R

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    Hiya Co,

    I'm bringing Holmes to church tomorrow and I plan on letting him sit on your head…BE NICE and let him play with your hair. I would let him put knots in mine, but I don't leave it down like you do.

    I almost asked Mrs. Riser if I should just have you bring him down on Wed. and then I stopped halfway into my sentence and laughed. 😛

    I already bathed him, he can sleep with you tonight if you want…which I am sure that you want him to so badly because I know you'll miss him while he's gone. 😛

  8. I am sorry

    Sorry bout that! Yeah that has happened to ppl that I know! Hehehehe

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    Ah! Sounds like something I would do. I'm sure it isn't the first time they've had to do it though…..I just wouldn't make it a habit! 😉

    People obviously don't know a lot about the Amish, eh? lol

    Have a blessed night!


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    Ugh, that sometimes happens to my brothers where they work. It's really annoying when they change the schedules.

  11. ~ Hmm…~

    Long skirts and coffee and winning debates…things I can relate to! ;-D


  12. If you're going to….

    ….write it in invisible ink–no stares! ;+) Oh, and keep an ultra-violet pen with you at all times!



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