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If Winning the Duel…

by coie - August 7th, 2007.
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I was listening to this song by Grover Levy a few days ago (I tend to listen to old Christian music) and I really liked the words.  The second verse shows an area of my life that I struggle with.  I LOVE to win a debate.  Or at least be so confident in my argument that I figure if the other side doesn’t get it, then they are just blind.  I’ve really been convicted this year of this particular fault (along with many others).  I do not present my beliefs with love and grace.  About 5-6 years ago I debated sarcastically with an unsaved friend and she stopped emailing me.  I so regret that.  I regret debating with Christians because I never come across as loving when I am focused on winning the "duel".  I had an attitude of "I am being loving because if I was wrong in this area I would also want to be corrected."…Only…not the way I did it.  Lord, teach me to speak with grace and love or not to speak at all, but lead by living out an example.

If You Want to Lead Me to Jesus by Grover Levy

Your message is clear you sound so sincere your intentions are good
The forgiveness of sin, life without end, I’d believe it if I could
But I’ve watched from afar and I’ve seen how you are with the people
you’re around
And I don’t see a trace of the love and the grace you talk so much about

If you want to lead me to Jesus you’d better find a better way
‘Cause your life is speaking so loud I can’t even hear a word you say

If winning the duel is your golden rule no matter the cost
Then you may win the day but the price you pay is the greater war that’s
You would not believe how different it seems from the outside looking in
But the louder you shout the more I tune out and the less I am convinced

If you want to lead me to Jesus you’d better find a better way
‘Cause your life is speaking so loud I can’t even hear a word you say

I want to believe but I am going to need you to work with me here
Work with me here
Work with me here

If you want to lead me to Jesus you’d better find a better way
‘Cause your life is speaking so loud I can’t even hear a word
If you want to lead me to Jesus you’d better find a better way
‘Cause your life is speaking so loud I can’t even hear a word you say
Hear a word you say
Hear a word you say

7 Responses to If Winning the Duel…

  1. Untitled Comment

    I'm the same way. I have a strong sense of what is right, what is wrong… and have a very hard time when people don't see things my way, which of course is the right way!

    Ahem. As I was saying, I have always struggled with my pride. It is that same pride that keeps me from speaking with the kindness and grace that I should. It also blinds me and keeps me from being correctable. I can dish it, but I have a very hard time taking it!

    Yup, I am most definitely a work in progress!

    I am so glad that God deals with me a lot better than I deal with other people.

  2. Wow

    That song makes an excellent point. So many Christians are trying so hard to force people to convert, or not living the life of a son or daughter of the Lord, that it turns a lot of people off, and they won't listen anymore. I can see that in myself. I do not live the way God wants me to, I am not being a light for Him, and it probably makes people think that I am no different than themselves. I hope that this was understandable. I have a hard time telling or typing what I am thinking. Thanks for sharing that song.

  3. I am blogging again!

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    I'm right there with ya Coie!!! I've been working on Truth coupled with Grace for a LOOOOONNNGGG time now. I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I can do Truth and I can do Grace…but when I try and put the two together… I tell ya it's hard. You are so wise though to acknowledge this…at your age I couldn't have been farther from where you are in your life. I know God smiles upon you daily.

    Your Friend In Christ,

    Mrs. Carr

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    Yes, indeed. That song is very profound, I think.

    It seems to me that a lot of Christians get caught up in "well, this is the truth and I've got to say it!" and they don't realize that they're responsible not only for what they say, but also for how they say it. God doesn't just want us speaking the truth, he wants us speaking the truth in such a way that others are convinced. I think it's pretty safe to say that if you go around yelling about whatever, even if you're absolutely right, you haven't accomplished a single thing if no one is convinced.


  6. Untitled Comment

    Ouch! That was a great reminder 🙂 I may have to print that one out.

    God bless you (instead of good luck) on your new job! It does look like Someone is watching out for you. Does the HD there do workshop classes?


  7. I….

    ….LOVE that song–first time I've heard it! SO true!



    P.S. Thanks for convicting me; I need that post.

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