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Whipping Cream vs. Half and Half

by coie - May 30th, 2005.
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Well, I like whipping cream for my coffee, but we just got half and half a few days ago.  It's not as creamy but we still had some of the good stuff left.  So with my highly-evolved homeschooled brain, I decided to mix the two and have I guess what you would call Three quarters One quarter, if my math is correct.  Since I couldn't just mix it equally by using one of the containers we already had, I decided to mix it in the blender and then divide it equally into the two containers.  So I stuck it in the blender and walked away.  When I came back I had a blender full of 3 quarters 1 quarter whipped cream.  Whoops.


Ok, so none of this really happened, but I was thinking about it late last night while wishing we didn't have half and half and it made me giggle.  Hopefully this isn't totally dumb and someone else has my warped sense of humor.

10 Responses to Whipping Cream vs. Half and Half

  1. OK SOMEONE needs more WORK

    Girl, is this the stuff your brain wrestles over late at night? Whipping cream? Have you tried making butter in the blender? That is FUN!


  2. honey butter

    well, we've made honey butter in the blender.

  3. blender butter

    that would be so much fun—-i'm such a dingbat, we were gonna make butter around thanksgiving, but I was being lazy—if only i'd thought of that!

    That's why you're TOSPUBLISHER—-cause you're so smart 🙂

  4. ME (guess who??)

    uhhh what is the subject….not whipped cream that's for sure

    Hey Coie…

    Just wanted to say hey…and check out your cool blog. Yes, blog is a funny word. I'm soooo proud of you and your achievments. You have totally amazed me with your calculations of your new coffee creamer. YOU ROCK! 😉

    Yes, I too am tired…and crazy (I've been shopping all day …you know how crazy that makes me 🙂 Anyways…keep up the good work!


  5. Nothin'

    You have a nice lookin' site. That crazy cream story fit you perfectly Coie.


  6. cream

    Hi ME (which I'm guessing is the cleverly disguised Duckwalker, Spitter, Messimoko, or as the public knows her:: JESSICA C………..) You are truly weirder than me.

    Bailey! Hi!!! Thanks for checking out my blog. You should start one!

  7. time for something new

    i'm not saying that i'm bored or anything, but honestly, coming to read your blog is one of the highlights of my day, and i showed up today and there's NOTHING new. i guess now that you got your zippy new car, you're just to busy for you blog fans.

    sorely yours,


    ps it looks like a department store blew up in your room…. i think it's time for you to rent a tractor and clean it again. that's a mandatory request.

  8. check out my spiffy car

    No worries momsie. Once I've washed, waxed and vacuumed my car, I will most definately have a new topic to post. *Goes to find some packaging foam for car wash*

  9. Maybe you should go a little lighter on the cream part?

    Or was this the same cuppa you got your lip stuck in? heeheehee

  10. not funny

    Ok, that was MelM, huh? Only she, my momsie and aunt know about THAT story. another story for another day.

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