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by coie - June 28th, 2007.
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I planted a bunch of stuff in what was supposed to be my dad’s garden today.  I’m claiming it as mine now since I’ve done most of the work.  *grin*  I also have four rows of corn that are coming up quick.  It is so exciting to watch them grow.  And every time I plant stuff it starts to storm.  Anyways, here is the layout of what I did today.  I know it is a funky photoshop job, but at least it gets the idea across, and reminds me where I planted stuff.  The flowers along the right are sunflowers.


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    LOOKS yummy. Good thing I live too far away to come raid your garden!

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    Hi Coie!

    This is Steph. Thanks for taking care of Kait when she was there! She said she really had a good time!

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    I'm so excited for you regarding your (uh, I mean your Dad's) garden!!! hee-hee

    Have a lovely day!

    Mrs. Carr

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    Bluejane (My sister), has planted a garden at our grandparents house, and from what we have heard, it is growing very well.

    Yesterday, my Grammy gave me two plants, one is lemon thyme, and the other is a flower, but I forget the name. The Thyme looks like moss and smells, oh so good!

    Good luck on your garden, isn't it fun to grow things?

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