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A Birthday and Departure

by coie - June 27th, 2007.
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Firstly, the happiest of 7th birthdays to Dippy, the Squeakie (and strangely flexible).

Well, I took KAIT THE GREAT to the airport this morning.  And holy cow, I tell you what.  See if I ever let her come again.  She made me get up at 4:30 AM to get her there in time!  But then I got home and slept for 2 hours.  So I forgive her.  Kind of.

While she was here……….

…We made skirts…


…We did historical dancing at my friend Veronica’s birthday party…

Kait and Bobo

Me and Bobo

A group of different people


…We milked goats…

"Nice goat….be a good girl, Spot…."

"Am I doing it?!"

She was proud of the tablespoon she got the first day.

"Move aside, Kait.  THIS is how you milk a goat!"


…We went to Wonderworks with friends Tyler and Tanner Burggraf…

Dippy rock-climbing

Kait experimenting with ropes and pulleys

Kait on the moon

Ryann on the moon

Now this next picture needs some explanation.  Imagine a toilet paper roll (cylinder) on its side with a bridge going through it.  Now imagine that the walls on this toilet paper roll are black with an assortment of different colored polka dots.  Now imagine yourself walking down this bridge in darkness (but with brightly colored polka dots) and the walls rolling counter clockwise.  If you were to close your eyes, you could make it across the bridge fine because it holds still completely, but if not, you lean to the right and can hardly make it through…..Example:

Momsie and James (James didn’t think to close his eyes)


…I shot a squirrel…


…We (er, Kait) took pics of my siblings…



Bobo! (no series of pictures of my siblings is complete without a tree-hanging one)

[picture of Dippy at top]


…And I popped up in pictures I wasn’t supposed to be in…


Anyways, thanks, Kaitlin for spending the week with us!  Remember to come in October!  Don’t tell your parents how we woke you up in the car!  Hint: SLAM, *gasp*, *laugh*

7 Responses to A Birthday and Departure

  1. Untitled Comment

    I love the expression on James face in the polka-dotted, swirling tunnel! 🙂

  2. Untitled Comment

    I went through the toilet paper roll 3 times and each time I was just as dizzy as I was the 1st time I went through. I wonder if the employies (sp?) ever get used to it.

  3. Untitled Comment

    What a blessing to have good friends– and friends that will visit you from far away!

  4. Thank you

    So sorry to hear of your goat(s). That is sad. We are very attached to our celebrity homeschool goat. Someone asked if we plan to eat him when he gets bigger… not likely.

    Thank you for your most recent gift of goat's milk.

    I didn't know you had brought that. We all really like it and we still are wondering if you are playing tricks on us by putting regular cow's milk in a jar and calling it goat's milk. We can't tell a difference.

    Josh is working on getting a clip up for The Hound of the Baskervilles… he thought he had loaded it but it doesn't seem to work. But hopefully it will soon.

    Hope to see you at Julia's birthday tea party!

    Love, Mrs. A

  5. lots of pictures

    I liked looking at all of your pictures…except for the one with the dead squirrel. 😉


  6. …..

    P.S. That tunnel thing looks neat!


  7. ….

    I say the same thing as willowtree10!




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