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Bobo, Destroyer of Flies

by coie - June 21st, 2007.
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He’s a white belt Fly-Kwan-Do. 


In other news, my great friend Kaitlin is visiting with us this week.  She’s all polite and stuff which always gives us a good laugh.  I better go– she is making a skirt right now.

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    What a hysterical picture!! Holly

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    Beware all flies!

    MY Kaitlyn (spelled with a y instead of the traditional 2 i's just because I'm a weird mommy!) is turning 15 on Saturday. Please stop by and tell her Happy Birthday!


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    My Son Caleb keeps taking about Dippy being at his worksite. I am amazed that he can recall everythign from several weeks ago.. maybe I can make him my fly destroyer.

    Have fun with Kait the Great.

  4. Wowsies!

    Coie, it warms my heart tremendously to know that I'm the laughing stock of the House of Igarashi.

    Want to be a pirate?

    Thanks for letting me come and visit! You're the best! 😀

  5. Hongi:)

    I liked your post about leeches! At the cabin we used to go to every summer there were about a gazillion leeches and they got on us almost EVERY TIME we swam!!! Wowza!! Boy, can my sisters scream!!!:):):)

    I loved the picture of you brother!

    Have fun with Kait the Great:)


    Mrs. J:)

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    wow what a cool fly catcher! My little brothers would love that!!


    Dancing4Him always,


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    I will NEVER let my boys see this picture. They'd look like that for a week afterwards.



  8. wow

    I'm NOT related…….. 😉

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    haha! I love the picture! rofl!


  10. :+)

    Oh, that is RICH, little lady. "She's all polite and stuff which always gives us a good laugh." You are as polite as they come when you are here! You cannot fool me. :+)

    Love and miss you,

    Mrs. K

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    Gross, get that thing off him.


    Oh, that's cool. I bet you guys had a good time when she was over there. And what's all this about "becoming a pirate"?


    You should send me a screen shot of what the site is going to look like. I'm very curious.

    Ok, ttyl


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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey whats up with you guys????

    come by and look at my new post soon


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    LOL!!! How did you find my directory?!?!

    Man, that's weird.

    LOL, you been playing Nintendo a lot?


    Good to hear from you.

  14. Kait's friend, Kate

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    Tell that girl hello for me! Or better yet, just send her on to Oklahoma. Kate misses Kait! 😀

    Hope you girls had a great time!

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    and can you have them be of each member of your family? and could you have them be recent, and normal of each member? and can I get fries and a diet coke with that? How bout a toy lightening McQueen? do i get one of those??

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    It's a good thing I'm blog reading at night instead of in the morning… or I'd probably be laughing so hard I'd snort my coffee out my nose!!!

    That is stinkin hi-larious!

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