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Happy Father's Day!

by coie - June 16th, 2007.
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“He’s the best dad I’ve ever had” some people will often joke.  However, when I say this, it takes on a whole new meaning.  My dad, Geoff Igarashi, is not my biological father.  In fact, my name is not even Coie Igarashi.  That is just what I have been known by for the last 13 ½ years.


My momsie had me before she was saved just before she turned 17.  My biological father was a drug addict, in and out of jail, and mean.  Even though she was not a Christian, my mom would pray that God would bring me a good daddy and she told me to pray for the same thing.  We met my dad when I was 3 years old.  He came to my 4th birthday party.  Just before I turned five, my mom and dad were married.  I was the flower girl.


My dad never legally adopted me but he is the only dad I have ever known and loved.  In fact, I often forget that I am not even his child.  I haven’t heard from my real father for 10 years because he said it was too much for him to keep in contact with me.  I never felt a void.  My dad loves me so much.  He taught me to brush my teeth, tie my shoes, ride a bike, clean my room, and lots more.  But those are things he instructed me in.  Here is a list of things he teaches by instruction AND example:


He loves God entirely.  He strives to honor Him in all he does.


My dad is the hardest worker I know.  Everyone remembers him by this quality.  And he does not complain when he is dead tired and sore.


He is loyal.  He is the most trustworthy person I know.


He is humble.  I have watched him endure insults with grace.  He does not talk bad about people who wrong him.  He does not boast about himself (though he has many reasons too.  He is a genius!).


He is patient.


I have never heard him raise his voice.  He gives us “The Eyebrows” instead. 


He thinks everything through and does not make decisions rashly, nor does he base them on how he feels.


He is a protector.  I believe that every night after everyone has gone to bed, he goes into to each room and checks on all of us kids.  If he comes out of his room and sees the front door open (which is not uncommon), he checks our closets and under our beds just to make sure.  One time he heard me talking in my sleep and he and I were the only ones in the house.  So he checked my room and then slept in the living room so that he was closer and he checked on me periodically throughout the night.


There are so many more good qualities, but that would take too long to write down.  And so you see, my dad is the best dad I have ever had.  🙂


Happy Father’s Day! 

14 Responses to Happy Father's Day!

  1. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    What a beautifil tribute to your dad.

    I feel honored to know him….and you.


    Mrs R

  2. SandBetweenMyToes

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    What great post. You are so right. Blood does not make a person a "dad". My 2 little girls will never know more than the name of their biological fathers, but they have the greatest Dad, because God supplied him!

    I know your dad is proud.

    Mrs. S.

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    That made me cry. That is so sweet. YOU are a great daughter to realize the benefits you have received from your Dad who is more truly a Dad than any "biological" ties could make him.

    There is a quote about how any man can be a "Father", but it takes someone special to be a "Daddy"!

    So go hug your Daddy! 🙂 YOu are a blessed girl, indeed!

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    Such a sweet tribute…made me teary eyed!

    I'm sure he'd agree that he's just as blessed to have you as a daughter.

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    Dear Coie,

    You are such a wonderful young lady! How blessed you and your daddy are to have each other. The Lord really knows how to take care of our needs doesn't He…what a great team He made in you and your daddy!


    Mrs. Carr

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    A sewing class?


    A website? Even cooler!!!

    That is so neat! Having your own website is SO nice! So what is the URL?

    Anne is making it? Oh, that is neat! She is really good!

    Ok, I'm REALLY tired. So, off to bed I go.


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    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. Untitled Comment

    Just like God did to us, eh? Sons (and daughters) by adoption, we aren't treated any less than His "real" sons and daughters. Isn't that great? 😀

  9. Untitled Comment

    Haha! I know the "eyebrows" look. My dad does that or snaps his fingers.

  10. Hello!

    Hope you all had a good father's day!

    We didn't do too much… just built a fence and weed-wacked a bunch of grass! fun, I know! lol

    I'm sorry my music freaks you out! lol



  11. Untitled Comment

    That was a lovely tribute, Coie! Your dad is blessed to have a daughter that is so articulate and adoring!

  12. my dad

    My dad isnt ever around. I dont live with him. he lives in the same state, but i havent seen him in YEARS!! many many of them!! So my male figure is my ucle. he is the greatest!!! Ad so is my grampa lloyd!! hes great too!

    I am gonna add u to my friends list.

    comment soon.!!


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    I love my Daddy so much. The way he truly cares for us is so touching, and it makes me feel bad that I am not the sweet graceful daughter that I should be.

    We had a great day with my Dad and Grandfather on Fathers day. We played croquet, had barbecued hamburgers and cheescake, and went for a drive. All in all it was a wonderful day with my family and my Daddy.

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    Although my two oldest children see there father regularly and have a good relationship with him, he lives out of state. The man that I am now married to is the man who raises them. He provides all of their needs and tries to give them most of what they want. He is the man who tucks them into bed at night, spends evenings playing outside with them, and knows just how they like their hamburgers grilled. AND he too, was a prayed for husband and step-dad. I know that God chose this man specifically for me and my children, just as God hand-picked your dad just for you and your mom (and the others that followed!) We are sooooooooo blessed!

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