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Attitudes Are Contagious. Laughter is Even More Contagious.

by coie - June 13th, 2007.
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I was sitting at my computer minding my own business when I was suddenly attacked with this noise.




And then a shriek, “Coie….my arm….FIX IT! Bwahumawbluh!”


The bwahumawbluh and shriek had protruded from my momsie’s lips.  She was holding her left arm and at first I was alarmed, especially since she has a heart condition.  But when I turned and saw the look of horror and amazement blended into her facial features, I couldn’t help but be amused.


“I can’t control it!  It’s whacking out.  Fix it, Coooooooohohoie!!! Bwahumawbluh!”


Laughing, I approached her and picked up her arm to see what the matter was while she blubbered out more “bwahumawbluh’s” and “fix-it’s”.  Her forearm was convulsing.  Seriously.  It looked like she had a frog in her veins.  It was really cool, and between that and her reaction all I could do was giggle my freckled nose off and keep myself from drooling (which I am too often apt to do while laughing so hard).




*squeaky uncontrolled laugh* “How am I supposed to fix it?!”


“I don’t know, just do it! Bwahumawbluh!”


So I took her hand and bent it backwards.  We waited a few seconds, amid peals of laughter, and realized that it worked.  So I stood there and held her hand because she thought she was incapable of doing it herself.  I gave her some heart medication, and then I tied her hand up and then obeyed her orders to “look up what’s wrong with me!”  I searched.  I googled.  I read and read.  Finally, I found a humorous blog post from someone that had the same problem.  He actually measured the beat of his twitching and figured out which songs matched best to the different twitching areas he had. 


He put the blame on something called West Syndrome and said that the twitching is sometimes a sign of mental retardation.  When I related this information to mom, we both burst into hysterical laugher which did not end for a while.  I laughed my whooping chipmunk guffaw, while she laughed, whined and snorted all at the same time.  We were both in tears.  I think we were just releasing our misery from having dad gone in Atlanta for the week.  Oh, we are so funny.


CLICK HERE to see the video of us helpless damsels in distress.

10 Responses to Attitudes Are Contagious. Laughter is Even More Contagious.

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    Okay… I have this strange problem that if anyone laughs I laugh… even if I don't know what they are laughing about. My children have been known to fake fits of laughter just to get me to do this stupid trick!

    That video was crazy! But oh, so REAL! LOL… ROFLOL!

  2. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment

    I can't beleive your mother ler you post this!


    mr Roy and I have throughly enjoyed this — we laughed and laughed… not quite as much as you all did..neither of us was in tears but we laughed pretty hard………. I especially loved the guest appearance made by James…….

    You all are too funny!

    Mrs R

  3. Untitled Comment

    Thats video of you silly's is soo funny!

    My wrist has done that twichy thingy too. It's preety funny! And as funny as it looks is how it feels too! LOL!

    Sami 😛

  4. Video

    While Dad is away the family go nuts!

  5. laughing at you laughing…

    That was hilarious!!! thanks for making me laugh today!

  6. Untitled Comment

    That video is sooo funny! I'm a dorky contagious laugher as well…if you're laughing too hard, too long at something and I walk in the room, I can't help but laugh and THEN ask <i>what's so funny?</i>

    I really enjoyed James' public appearance as well. Him and Dozer should get together. They seem to speak each other's language!


    PS Y'all need to quit having so much fun together when your dad is away. You're going to make him sad!

  7. Untitled Comment

    O.K. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or get in my car and come take care of you two!!!!!

    That was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS!!!! And I can't believe Mrs. Ig let you post that video either…or does she know yet???

    I miss you guys!!!!!!

    Mrs. Carr

  8. Untitled Comment

    yes, yes, yes, Shay and Maria, i know all about the video. coie delights in getting me on film when i look like a drooping, half drowned sea hag. no make up… greasy hair tied up in an onion bun… big old bare feet… i guess she just wants to share the REAL me that my family knows and loves so well.

  9. Untitled Comment

    Loved the video. My big, dumb bulldog, Pete, actually stood next to me at the computer with his head cocked sideways, trying to figure out what all the giggling was about. Thanks for sharing – Karen (bensrib)

  10. You ladies are soooo…..

    FUNNY!!!!:):):) You girls crack me up!! I tried to watch the video (2x), but all I get is a still picture and the video won't play.:( Is there something special that I should be doing???

    You are such a blessing!!!:):):)

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