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Well, Yeah, That's the Whole Point

by coie - June 8th, 2007.
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Yesterday my siblings were anxious to go swimming.  They are not allowed to unless I sit out there and make sure no one drowns in our murky pond.  I also put James in a life jacket, tie a rope around him and then tie the other end of the rope to the chair I’m sitting in.  It is very easy to pull him in if he slips, or it is very fun to occasionally tug the rope and make him lose his balance.  He thinks its funny most of the time…promise!

Anyways, Dippy kept begging me yesterday to take him swimming so I finally told him, "Dippy, it’s too hot right now." and he said,

"Well, yeah, Coie, that’s the whole point!"

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    Oh… that is so cute/funny!

  2. TheLordsDaughter

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    You had me laughing with that quote!

    Thank you for the birthday wish! Yes you have to be logged in to HSB to comment on my blog. 😉

    Your Sister in Christ,

    Rebekah ~ The Lord's Daughter

  3. Out of the mouths…

    of little kiddies.:) I think that I forgot to mention just HOW TOTALLY COOL you look in your caving picture!! You go girl!:)


    Mrs. Jongohongnongsongtongonong:)

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    He is so funny!

    Sorry I haven't commented in a while.

    I've been EXTREMELY busy with my website (and traveling)! I'm making some really neat sub-sites. But I don't want to say what they are just yet. 😀

    Anyhow, it seems like you guys are doing well. Those are some good pictures on your last entry. I've been posting a lot of pictures too.

    Ok, I've got to go. Hope to hear from you soon.


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