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*sigh* here goes…….

by coie - May 18th, 2005.
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Ok, I decided to finally write something so that I can actually show up on the stats list.  🙂  Soooooo, am I on now???

whew! that was tough! :D:D

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  1. Pizza

    Hey Co,

    Where's the pizza?

  2. Blog

    Hey, this blogging thing is fun – once you get the hang of it.

    Man I'm good!

  3. being short

    dearest coie; you certainly did not get the whole 'short thing' from me. my dad's sisters are all 6 feet tall. and your dad, as you've noticed, is not six feet tall. nor are his sisters. so if you ever end up in "pyscholgical counseling for the short", you'd better not blame it on me. however, you did get your freckles from me, and for that i sincerely apologize.

    love 'the ah momsie'

    ps clean your nasty room up

  4. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Hi Coie!

    You may be short, but you are to the point. That is a good quality to have.

    When you have time, please tell me what your Momsie's blog is called, she's not on my friend list yet, and I am very sad. Now, I am very busy and must go see what is rattling around in the dryer. It is driving me crazy.


    Mrs. B.

  5. You are Statuesque

    Compared to me, anyway. As a supposedly 'full grown' adult, I am 2 inches shorter than you and it'll only be shrinkage for me from here on out. So I will always look up to you – unless you're sitting down, of course. Your auntie can verify my lack of stature (and lack of many other things, which it would be completely rude of her to mention).

    Have you considered Pilates? It's supposed to improve your posture so you appear 'longer'. And if you marry a tall frog, be forewarned that you *will* be blamed when you have short children…er…tadpoles. Voice of experience talking here.


  6. marrying frogs

    So far, I have found no frogs taller than me, so I think that I will not have to take any blame for short tadpoles.

    Momsie, I like my freckles. Thank you for those. 🙂

    Mrs. B., mom's blog is What's your's? 🙂

  7. True, You are Short

    But you sure clean good. That was the best $100 I ever spent. I can finally walk in my room again. Maybe tomorrow I won't wake up sneezing and hacking from all the dust….wow, I like this clean thing. Be here same time next week. I'll buy you a new duster.


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