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Directions in Tennessee

by coie - October 7th, 2005.
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Do you think New Yorkans have trouble with audio-only grocery lists?  As in, over the phone instead of written down.


Picture it:


New York dad walks in the door.


“Heya honey.  I got yah your groceries.”


New York mom looks through bag.


“Aww, Ralph, I said Feta cheese!”


NY Dad gives confused/whatevered look


“Nah, I distinctly heard yah say Chedda cheese!”


Someone knock some sense into me.  I'm going looney and I want to be home.  Yesterday marked 1 month since I've seen my momsie and siblings.  I could cry.

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  1. Oh you poor funny thing!

    You are hilarious! Even in your homesickness! Maybe that’s it – it’s the “sickness” that makes you so silly….

    I hope you get to see your family again soon.

    Hang in there, sweetie!

    Mrs. Wuehler

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    You sounded sorta depressed yesterday when I talked to you. I hope you get to come home on Monday? Or has that changed again? Talk to later…

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    i will cry with you. don’t forget to bring me my 20 boxes of chicken curry when (if) you ever leave. so help me, Coie, if you forget my chicken curry i will flat out drop dead.

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    Do you suppose you could bring me a Calif avocado or ten?


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    I guess i’ll start off with letting you know that you are very lucky because the first comment I’ve ever written is on your blog page. Ever since you’ve been gone James has been the biggest little booger ever. He’s always wanting to be entertained; he wants to be held 24/7 –and if that’s not possible then he demands that you stand still so he can shoot you REPEATEDLY with his rubber band gun (loaded or not). And when he gets tired of that (or i do) he makes me wrestle with him (he likes it when I run when he starts growling). If he says “dude (the nickname i gave him and now the nickname he gave me) come” and you don’t come immediately then he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and yell “DUDE COME” louder and louder until you obey. And when the day is finally done and its time for him to go to bed, he’s happy being bored (because he’s so tired) just as long as you’re as bored (or more bored) than he is. But even with all that, he’s still the cutest sweetest (that can be argued) little dude i could ask for. Well this is definitely the longest comment I’ve ever written so I’ll stop talking. I miss you guys a lot. Cant wait till you get back so we can do something else dangerous with the fireworks 🙂 talk to you soon

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    haha…chedda cheese…um…yeah…your blog is really neat…uhh…yep…**forces brain to work**


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    So I hear you may be in Tenn????

  8. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    I welcome you to Tenessee…

    If you’re as looney as your mom then you are *very* welcome…the more chicks like that here the more entrenched is the looney CA stereotype which definitely works reeeeeeal good as an excuse for leaving your purse somewhere and you call to ask if it’s there and they say “Do ya mean HANDBAG?”…yeah, whatever or for the look you get on your face when someone asks your to move your buggy at walmart or asks if James sleeps in a baby crib or if Emmy would like a doll baby or when you order tea at a restraunt and the waitress say sweetened or unsweetened and you say HOT or when you nearly vomit at the site of someone at one of those old timey festivals canning some slimey okra or when you hear Bless your heart for the 1,000 time and you just frankly lose it and everybody is staring at you like you are a freak or something till some nice old lady says “She’s from Cali-for-nia.” and everybody looks at you with this look that says they have gained wisdom as to your odd behavior and they all say in unison

    “OOOOH, well, that explains it.”

    Welcome girlfriend, you will soon be an official member of the CA girls with southern drawls club!

    Mrs. W

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    I hope you like Tenn.

    Just being all together as a family will make it wonderful, I’m sure.

    Your family sounds like a blast! Even if your mother is Big Foot :o)

    Miz Booshay

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    Hee hee! That was funny. Now you need to come up with one for southerners. I guess your home now and I know you’re glad!

  11. Glad that you are home…

    hope you are having a great time. I look forward to meeting you soon.

    BTW, we call a purse a "Pocketbook" LOL


    ~Amy Beth


    Have you checked out the HSB Forums?

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    So glad that you and your dad made it home safely. Hope you enjoy living in TN. Sounds like there is always plenty of action going on around your place… never a dull moment, huh? 🙂 Enjoyed your little story of the New Yorkers!


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