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Adventures of the Bumbling Idiot

by coie - March 28th, 2007.
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It all started when we got home at 10:30 PM after a long day, which started at 6:45 AM.  Humans were not meant to be awake for more than 15 hours at a time, of which I am living proof.  So anyways, it was 10:30 at the time that we arrived home.  I was in a deep sleep, laying on James’ shoulder, and Emmiko sleeping in my lap.  I was comfy and warm.  Then the interior car lights went on and it was announced that we were home and we were quickly assigned our jobs.  I already knew mine.  Take James in, put him to bed, and then take care of the animals with Bobo.  And when I say animals, I mean goats, but I am always reminded that this includes all three dogs and all the chickens.

 Determined to keep a good attitude despite the fact that my eyelids were trying to stay glued shut, I started humming hymns while I started the quad.  I filled up a bucket with 3 gallons of water and put it on the back (because who wants to haul that much water so far?).  So Bobo and I drove over to the barn and we were just about to ascend the hill up to our lonely tied up German Shepherd, when the quad ran out of gas.  I forced out a laugh, put on the brake and started walking to the barn.  We had to come back to the spot to fill up a chicken waterer, and then Bo walked the water up to the dog while I went to the barn to feed the goats.  On my way there, something suddenly attached itself to my leg.

 I shook my leg and tried to get it off.  It was a large piece of wire fencing, which somehow weaved its way around my leg in one step.  Since I could not conquer this fencing, I walked on.  I felt ridiculous as I limped and tripped along, and by the time I reached the barn, my third leg had managed to attach itself to leaves, compost, sticks, and three trees.  The goats looked at me funny when I arrived, and I told them that they are just as dumb sometimes.  After more wrestling, I finally amputated my new limb.

 If that’s not enough, earlier that morning, I had put a pan of cinnamon rolls in the oven….with the saran wrap still on.  Luckily, I realized it before it melded with the ooey gooey filling.

 And so, my life is proof that some days are just laughable….especially the ones where you stay up more 15 hours at a time.

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  1. HI:)

    I can soooo relate to your story and your mishaps! One of my favorite sayings is "That which should be simple… is not!" That is part of my everyday life!!

    You are ENTIRELY FUNNY!!

    God bless!!

    Mrs. Jongohongnongsongtongonong:):)

    P.S. I finished The Hidden Hand and LOVED it!!! I ordered the sequel with some birthday money!:)

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    That sounds like something I'd do too! LOL!

  3. Untitled Comment

    Thanks for your comment. I got to have my best friend(who is a homeschooler. OH, the joyness of being a homeschooler) spend the night.



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    Ha– I laugh everyday. ANd some of the laughing stuff just shouldn't be funny — but we haev to make the best of everything so laughter is the key.

    Stop talking about those cinnamon rolls all the time. You are just saying that because you know I want some. NOT FUNNY!



    Mrs R


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    oh and ps —

    I won another E.D.E.N. book on Ebay "THE FATAL SECRET" first editon 1877 — can't wait to have it in my little hands….. I'll bring it to show and tell when we meet for baseball.

    Remember how I said that other people on HSB were also buying these up..ha I was right!! Mrs Johnston has seen me bidding.. look what you all have done. You've resurrected Mrs Southworth!

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