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Boys are LOUD

by coie - March 24th, 2007.
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Bobo turned ten yesterday and had his friend Joshua Johnston over.  What a sweet boy!  But I tell ya, boys are LOUD!  We basically kicked them outside until bedtime, which they thought was awesome.  🙂

Today I finished a skirt that I was making for Emmiko.  It’s pretty bright and summery.

I love the weather!  It’s warm, the flowers are blooming, and everything smells good. 

Our goats have been giving us a quart of milk a day, which is usually gone before breakfast is finished.  And speaking of breakfast, everyone one has been enjoying "healthy" cinnamon rolls instead of oatmeal these last three days.  We make them with freshly ground wheat, sucanat, and cinnamon (among other things, of course), and boy are they good!  Especially with fresh milk.

I have a sore throat today, but two bowls of Japanese clear soup has helped some.  We love this recipe and when everyone had the pukies, they ate this without throwing it up.  I’ll post the recipe because it is so easy and a good soup for sick people, even though I loathe it when people post recipes on their blogs (I don’t know why….).

And this is in Homeschool Family Size portions, which we ALL know is bigger than the so called "Restaurant Size" portions.  So, if you need to make it smaller, you will have to use your division skills.

Bring 18 cups of chicken broth (or 18 cups water + 18 chicken buillon cubes) to a simmer.  Add 2 cups cooking sherry (yes, the alcohol will cook out) and 1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp. soy sauce and let simmer 2-3 minutes.  Serve and garnish with VERY THINLY SLICED mushrooms (I get pre-sliced and then slice them 4-5 more times–we’re talking paper thin), lemon and green onions.  And Viola!  Great bowl of soup.

Alright, Dippy just picked about 208 dandelions, so I guess we better go take care of those.  I’m going to wash them and dehydrate them and do who knows what with them.  Try a tea or something.  He is dying to make a salad with them.  🙂

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  1. Untitled Comment

    i like that word: garnish

  2. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment

    I have been wanting ot make cinnamon rolls. I will let SAMIAM follow your recipe for me : )

    We just got in so I wil post tomorrow. However I wanted you all to know that we just got back from Lebonon Tn to pick up two of the mist adorable Pyranees puppies. Both for just over $100! A bargain!!!! Theres more to the story and this man had some super boer goats, WOW were they pricey. He had one male he paid $40,000 for.

    More on that when SAMIAM or I post tomorrow.

    Happy Cinnamon eating

    Mrs R

    ~~who is very tired from all the driving today.

  3. HI:)

    I am sure that they thought that getting booted outside was COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! Thanks for your sweet words about my ds:), your yummy sounding recipe, your reminder (unintentionally:)) of my sucanat stash and your FUNNY birthday poem/ode to your cousin. It sure made my dh and I just laugh!:):)

    You are a FUNNY girl!!:):)

    Mrs. Johnston:)

    P.S. The book is sooooooo good!! Wowza!!!

    P.S.S. Bongyonge!

  4. Coie…

    I am so glad we got to talk the other day – even if it was only a short time. I can't wait for the disc with pictures – so hurry! 😉

    Boy do I remember Joshua… he was a very extreme boy to dance with! LOL I am glad Bobo had fun! Birthdays should be fun!

    Your mom's birthday isn't too far off… April 15th – boy I'll be waiting for her (Evil laugh)!

    As for Dippy wanting to eat dandelion… mom's dad, when she was little, made her a dandelion salad using the greens of the weed… she said it tasted fine…. and a few years ago a friend told us that it was ok to eat purple clovers… and we did… they are sweet. Weird… the things we do! LOL

    Tell Dippy hello for me – I him miss – he was so cute and sweet to Caleb when we were there! 😉

  5. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment

    wellllllllll………………..I came back to see what I did not read. Yes, I see now that that was a recipe for soup. All I can figure is that i got all excited about the cinn rolls I started to invison them instead of the rest of your post….yes that's me — a nut!

    I hope you come by in a day or two and get a loatheful recipe for red bud muffins. They are seasonal — only when the red bud tree is in bloom.. but like your soup they are good! You should make them for your family,. They will definetly want to keep you forever after that…

    Great to see you today. I will bring my "collection" next baseball game.

    Mrs R

  6. Untitled Comment

    It's fun to kick boys out of the house…makes things nice and quiet inside. After an hour of peace, I'm ready to go outside with them and have fun. Today, Tank and I have secretly bought some water balloons. I'm hoping to have them filled and hidden before everyone else gets home.

    Thanks for the recipe! When you're tired of the same old same old one day, you'll be glad that others posted some tried and true recipes.

    When we get the pukies we eat soft rice. Basically, the sticky rice that's cooked and then we add extra water and boil it until it's super soft. Eat it with a little soy sauce (or slice green onions thinly, add to soy sauce and put it in the fridge for a while…until the green onions shrink– add to rice)… Good for babies and grown-ups.

    Good job on the skirt too! So when is Emmiko going to start sewing?


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