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Happy Birthday to The Pog!

by coie - March 22nd, 2007.
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It is my cousin’s 17th birthday today.  And everyone is getting all teary-eyed and mushy about it, so I’m here to provide some comic relief.  That is, I am here to make fun of him.

Happy Birthday to The Pog

You’re 17, so what, who cares?
I’m 18 and still the boss.
‘Member the time I cut your hairs?
You looked and it, and got real cross.

You’re pretty good with fireworks,
Though you put them off behind you,
You’re not so good when you spy and lurk,
‘Cause you’re louder than a monkey zoo.

Maybe you’re a good sport,
Or maybe yur jest dumb,
For it’s sure not hard to catch you,
And then torture you some.
(my poetry skills are quickly draining)

I do not trust you with a gun,
For you are a good shot,
You took that musket just for fun
And made a strainer from a pot
(paintball gun, below…not musket!)

You’re pretty nice to kids,
Even though they beat you up,
You high-five and flip their lids,
And steal their sippy-cups.

You are a goof, you make me laugh
You giggle like a rabid giraffe
But I like you fine, you are my cuz
But it’s about time you got a buzz.

Happy birthday, Poggy!  I hate writing poems.

15 Responses to Happy Birthday to The Pog!

  1. Untitled Comment

    Hmmm… Nice.

    No comment on your poetry.

    Say Happy Birthday to Poly for me.


  2. Untitled Comment

    ok… that top picture is seriously making me nauseous.

  3. Untitled Comment


    I'd like to see YOU write a poem. No cheating and having your 7 sisters help you.

  4. Untitled Comment

    Maybe I will write a poem just to make you mad,

    and I don't need my sisters help.

  5. Untitled Comment

    Go right ahead…..

    You cannot get the help from ANYBODY…..

    This should be interesting.

  6. Untitled Comment

    OK you asked for it,but I'm at work right now and don't have time. I will post one at 4 or 5 if possible.

  7. Untitled Comment

    Yeah, that’s weird I didn’t even know he knew of our blogs.

    Does he have a blog?

    And I’m a far better driver now then you were when you started!

    Remember? When ever we went anywhere you would grip the steering wheel with both hands, lean forward, and wouldn’t move from that position until you were safely at your destination! You wouldn’t talk. You wouldn’t move. Your eyes were fixed upon the road like a manikin! You looked scary. LOL!

  8. Untitled Comment

    Haha! Those are great photos!

  9. Untitled Comment

    Sorry this is late but the feed truck didn't come till two, and the I broke a pallet and the feed bags fell right through.The cows all started calling but all they said was moo,and the trucker started crying I didn't know what to do. So then I grabbed the feed bags and through them on the floor.I went back to get some more.But tripped on a broked ore.The trucker started faughing, but then he cryed some more.

  10. Untitled Comment


    That was not so good was it?

    Some miss spellings like then,broken and laughing.

    Ho well that was my poem.


  11. Untitled Comment

    hahaha! That cracked me up.

    Well, I suppose we can safely assume that you recieved no help.

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  13. Untitled Comment

    Tell your brother to get some WD-40, and light a match and spray the match with the WD-40. It's awesome. You could also try Goof Off. It works pretty well. So does perfume. Only problem is it burns off all your hairs on your fingers and arm.

  14. Coie, that top picture is…

    …the absolutely WEIRDEST picture I have ever seen of Paul! (But hey!–I still recognized him, right? (It was that weird!))

    Hate writing poems do ya? Well, I guess you won't want me as a friend anymore….*giggle*–oh!–I mean–boo-hoo!

    Love you!


    P.S. Has he seen this?

  15. Untitled Comment

    LOL! Okay Coie, that was, um, cute. What I enjoy most is seeing your relationship with Paulie. I wish my children had cousins that could be such good friends.

    Abiding in the Vine!

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