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A Fine Mom

by coie - March 21st, 2007.
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This morning one of my hungry and unsuspecting siblings asked my dad if she could have a cookie for breakfast.  He said, "Nope.  Coie’s making breakfast."  I asked what I was making, and he said, "I don’t know.  What are you making?"


"No eggs" Ryann quipped.

"Then I’ll make oatmeal."

Emmi started telling me all the different things to put in it and my mind wandered back to a bowl that I was once presented with by her.  It was mushy, green and red, and it had lumps…that moved.  She tried to pass it off as a bowl of banana oatmeal, but I knew better.  And so I told her this morning, "You’re staying away from my pot of oatmeal." 

I made a nice healthy pot of oatmeal consisting of oats, brown and golden flax seeds, pecans, cinnamon, and honey.  When I gave my dad his bowl he exclaimed, "WOW!  What is that?!?!  Goat cud?"

Bobo tried to put a good face on, and said, "Yum, cinnamon oatmeal!"  He also consoled his siblings with, "You should be thankful that Coie is trying to keep us alive."

Halfway through the meal, Bobo said, "Coie, you’re going to make a fine mom…..I said FINE not good….and I only say fine because you make good macaroni."  I told him if he kept talking, I’d give him seconds.  He just grinned.

That should teach them to think twice before being hungry.

7 Responses to A Fine Mom

  1. {=-D

    Green and red lumps? That were swimming around the bowl?


    I think I may have just developed an instantaneous and intense dislike of hot cereals. {:-P 😀

    BTW, I got some pictures up on my blog showing the insides of the newly completed snow-house.




  2. Untitled Comment

    Hey! What a great family memory.:) Well I we haven't talked for a while. Sorry that MY fault! I have been REALLY busy with school and Hippology. I have a competition this weekend. Its real early in mor'in.


  3. Untitled Comment

    That actually doesn't sound gross, save the flax seeds.

    Goat cud! Haha! Sounds like something my Dad would say!

  4. Hongelonglongo:)

    I am tickled to know that you woke up in the middle of the night speaking my favorite language, the quite addicting one, ONG:) I did give you fair warning, however.:):):) I still do that sometimes, too. I had to giggle because the next question I would have asked was, "Did you pray in ONG?" You knew that would be my next question, didn't you.") You are a smart young lady with a great head on your shoulders.:) (even better now that you are learning Ong.:)) I think that your breakfast sounded yummy.:) Joshua did too.:)

    Have a great day and God bless!:)

    Mrs. Jongohongnongsongtongonong.:)

  5. AH…

    How sweet!! You have such a wonderful family…I like apples in my oatmeal, but what you made sounds glorious!!

    You will be a *GREAT* mom!! No matter if you can make macaroni or not!!

    Wish we could see each other again!! I miss you!!



  6. Untitled Comment

    Lol! you sound like my older sister! I think that she would say something like that!


  7. What a interesting tale…

    I don't reallu like oatmeal anymore – mostly because the Littles started eating it everyday! non stop… I like grits though…

    I think you will make an excellent mom – don't worry about it!!



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