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by coie - March 16th, 2007.
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Is anyone else worried that they will forget to wear green tomorrow?  I’m not, because I wear green everyday….I think St. Patrick’s Day is kind of silly anyways….April Fool’s Day I understand, but St. Patrick’s Day falls under the same category as Daylight Savings in my book.  Knock ’em off the calendar and put up something useful like Coie’s Day, which is where everyone tailors their vocabulary to fit in words like, Yahwhowhat, Waha, and Don’t Eat My Chicken Wings!

Speaking of chickens, we butchered 5 roosters today.  I did two all by myself.  Pictures to come.

And now, for a more substantial part.  We know an elderly couple.  They are in their 70’s.  Mr. and Mrs. B is what I will call them (because I know so many B’s!).  Mrs. B is always saying how her mother was such a wonderful cook, and knew how to sew things, and was basically all around talented.  Her father was an avid fishermen and Mrs. B cleaned lots of fish when she was younger.  It sounds as if they had a neat life and it seems that Mrs. B would have acquired some of these skills.  However, Mrs. B. has told us many times that she cannot cook, sew, and will never clean another fish.

I want to know WHY she doesn’t know how to cook when her mother made such wonderful things.  WHY doesn’t she sew?  WHY?  We have been in so many conversations where we are longing to learn something and when Mrs. B says in her finnish accent, "Oh yes, my mother used to do that.", we would get a spark of hope and say, "Really, how?!", she would reply, "I don’t know.  I never did it!".

Was Mrs. B’s mother too busy to teach her children?  Was she too impatient?  Was Mrs. B uninterested?  Did she refuse to learn? 

I can only assume that there was a lack on relationship on their part.  I could be completely off on that though.  I believe it is the mother’s responsibility to teach her daughters useful skills and what it means to be a wife and mother.  It is a daughter’s responsibility to be useful and serve her family until it is time for her to serve her husband.

Daughters at home, learn all you can.  Do not be unteachable.  There is nothing more exciting than being able to tell people that you made something with your own hands, or knowing that you are NEEDED and WANTED by your family.

Mothers, please encourage your daughters.  Let them work and learn WITH you, and dream of the myriad things they can achieve.

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    Coie – this is a GREAT post. WONDERFUL!! I will be sure to have SAMIAM read it when she gets back. Can you believe she left me for the weekend??!!! She went with her dad and my adopted son HAHAHA to a Revolutionary Re-eactment in North Carolina. So today I spent the day with the littles. It was so fun. We read books and made brownies from scratch and they are all now in my bedroom scattered around so that we can sleep in the same room. How fun!

    Tomorrow we will venture out and retuen some movies and get some odds and ends done. I am trying to be brave without SAMIAM the bestest helper around.


    Mrs R — who nevers wants to copy Mrs B!

    ps – I am reading two Southworth books.. Ishmael, of course, and I just started Discarded Daughter. It is a little confusing with all the charectors being introduced int he beginning and I have to think really hard to remember that this is not ISHMAEL… Have you read two Southworth books at one time??.. Maybe a first in blogland.

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  2. Hi, Coie

    I loved the pics you posted earlier from the dance! Thanks for taking all the time to do it.

    My mom was in the same position your friend is. Thankfully she had a mother-in-law who taught her to cook, sew, and other things. But you don't have to worry about that. You are already very capable and can turn your hand to many tasks (to use an old-fashioned phrase!)

    BTW, not really looking forward to the butchering pics!

    Mrs. P

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  3. Thanks:)

    for the great reminder Coie!

    God bless!

    Mrs. Johnston:)

  4. JacqueDixonSoulRestES

    I *Love* Catching Up On Your Blog!

    I loved reading all about what you have been up to!

    Great milking stand! Wow! Cut down your own tree? Excellent!

    Ok, I am weird like you… things like that are exciting to me! I also like the smell of the barn. Of course, we don't have pigs, either.

    Sad about your friend not having experienced all she could have with her Mom teaching her such things. They both missed out on a real blessing!

    *You* won't miss out on it! Your Momma – and Dad – are excellent at spending purposeful time with all of you and teaching you skills for life!

    Thank you for your Godly example to young ladies and encouragement to be teachable. We * all* need to be!

    Great lists below, too. So, you really didn't like blogging at first, huh?? ? You and your Dad….

    ( ;

    Be blessed, Dear!!!

    -Mrs. Dixon

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    Hey there 🙂

    I just seen a comment you posted a while back on my site…it didn't come to my email for some strange reason!

    Yes; I've left HSB. 🙂

    See ya 'round!


  6. Untitled Comment

    Very well said and such an important reminder, too.

    Thank you,


  7. Untitled Comment

    Hi Coie,

    What beautiful thoughts on mothering, daughtering, learning and serving. I am definately going to get my 10 year old daughter to read this. What a wonderful example you are!!!!!!

    Great job on the chickens as well!

    Blessings to you,


  8. Untitled Comment

    Thankfully I remembered my green! Maybe you should look up how St. Patrick's Day got started.

    Keep me posted about those chicken pictures! Sounds fun, we used to have chickens, butchering day was always fun.

  9. Skills

    I never did learn to sew, my mother never knew how. I did learn to cook and clean. I do want to teach my daughters, however, and so I plan, when I get some time and money, to learn how to sew. I hear you're quite the seamstress yourself. You're wise beyond your years.

    Mama J.

  10. Untitled Comment

    Great post. Thanks for the reminder to keep that relationship strong with my daughters as we live and work and learn together. We are learning to sew and knit together and I have dreams of making lovely things for them as my mom made for me.

  11. Untitled Comment

    Do you think you can clone yourself in about 15-20 years? I'll take three of you please… one for each of my boys.

    I loved your post, Coie! And the same thing goes for sons as well. Not just the manly things like fixing stuff, lifting stuff and opening stuff, but basic cooking, cleaning, laundry and such as well. There is no guarantee that my boys will 1.) get married or 2.) have a wife that knows how. Besides, even if she was a super cook and such, what a blessing my sons would be to their wives when they need a break or a helping hand!

    On another note, useful skills and projects are not only FUN but keep you from being idle… Too much empty time equals trouble and the focus usually switches to "me" (vanity and selfishness).

    Let me know about the clone thing. Seriously.


    Marshie– who is (believe it or not) 1/4 Irish…so I don't have to worry about that silly green wearing thing!

  12. Untitled Comment

    St. Patrick's Day WOULD be kind of silly except that it happens to be my wedding anniversary! (17 years TODAY!) THAT makes it special although Coie Day would be kind of interesting too, I am sure!

  13. Untitled Comment

    I think your being a little harsh. It’s not St. Patrick’s Day that is silly, it’s what people have decided to do that is silly. Like everyone wearing green? How crazy is that! I can understand listening to Irish music, (what I did, I do it all the time anyway) but wearing green, dyeing your hair green, dying rivers green? That’s a bit too much. St. Patrick’s Day is really to celebrate St. Patrick saving people in Ireland, not the other stuff people tie in.

    Oh and great point about people learning while they can. My mom really regretted not knowing how to cook, so she had to teach herself to do it. Learn while you can, you don’t want to end up like Mrs. B!


  14. Untitled Comment

    Hey funny girl! I was looking for gory slaughter pictures, but instead found some very intertaining info about you.

    Loved your thoughts on mothers training their daughters. I'm much like your friend, Mrs. B, in that I have very few useful skills…I am learning as we go and trying to have my kiddos learn along with me. You are blessed to have a family that has vision and enthusiasm.. I know you already know that.

    I have been craving a Latte from Starbuck's…should we meet for one again soon?

  15. Untitled Comment

    That last comment was fom me…..Corley Fries. I forgot that my (fake me) picture and name would not pop up because I am writing from our lap top rather than the computer I usually work from. I absolutely hate a lap top by the way!

  16. Untitled Comment

    Hey Coie, great post. Funny, my mom and I were just discussing this very subject a few minutes ago — that many people from that generation were not taught important life skills by their parents. A book she is reading calls it being "sandwiched" between two generations – one that didn't teach them what they needed to know, and one that now wants to be taught.

    Interesting thought, huh?

    I hope everything is going well for you and your family… goodness, I haven't talked to you in forever!


  17. Hello Coie…

    I didn't worry about wearing green… didn't even think about it – but it is my <b>favourite</b> colour!! I loved your green shirt you had!!

    I saw the pictures of you plucking the chickens… was it fun?? You didn't look too happy to have your picture taken! LOL

    Your comments about mothers teaching daughters was very good. My aunt has no idea how to cook and my mom learned from my dad's grandmother… cuase her didn't teach her – sad. I am glad to know how to do all this "wifey".

    I posted a few things on Personal Relationships… it has a little blurp about what you said.

    Love and miss you!


  18. HI:)

    I have been trying to show and teach my little ones soooo much more since reading your post… thanks!! I also want to know…. were you wearing a skirt when you did your chicken killing?:)

    Just curious.:)

    Mrs. Johnston

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    Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I linked to you on my blog. Your post inspired me, so I went and wrote a post about the same thing! Come check it out.


  20. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Hi Coie

    I just really like this blog and talked about you and blogboy on my front porch column. (It's just getting posted now.) I even quoted you.


    Mrs. B,

    (but not the one you mentioned…..although I do resemble her in theory. 🙂

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