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Ring Around the Rosies

by coie - March 14th, 2007.
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Because I am bored and have nothing better to do, I have decided to participate in this game called tag.  I figure, since I’ve been tagged 2-3 times on the same tag, I might as well answer it even though my momsie is the only one that reads those.

1. Favorite color:

1.      Green


2. Names you like:

                  1. Zion or Justice for a boy

                  2. London or Eden for a girl (yeah, i like the names of places.)


3. Favorite foods:

            1. Strawberries and whipped cream

            2. Spicy food

            3. Our whole grain pancakes with homemade syrup


4. Favorite books:

                 1. So far everything I have read by E.D.E.N. Southworth

                 2. The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

                 3. Stepping Heavenward

                 4. My country wisdom book

5. Favorite characters:

                1. Goofy

                2. Kronk

                3. That’s all

                4. I can

                5. Think of


6. Favorite movies:

                1. Any documentaries/ shockyoumentaries

                2. Emma

                3. The Village (this movie is actually not creepy, or wierd)

                4. I don’t really

                5. Care

                6.  For movies


7. Favorite hobbies:

                1. Blogging

                2. Reading

                3. Sewing

                4. Quilting

                5. Welding and building stuff

                6. Camping

                7. Scottish Country Dancing (this is not like river dancing, by the way)

8. Places you want to visit:

                1.  California

                2.  Well, that’s about it.  🙂


9. Things I want to do before you die:

                1. Make a humongous quilt that is so big that it is basically worthless unless an entire family needs to share one blanket.

                2. Minister to others regularly, whether it be by opening my home to people, bringing food and needed supplies to people, or whatever!

                3. Live off the land

                4. Fly a plane

                5. Help build a house

                6. Make goat cheese, and butter!

                7. Build a chicken plucker

                8. Make soap

                9. Possibly sky dive…..oh yeah, and get married!


10. Favorite bloggers:

 Instead, I shall list 10 weird things about me.


1.      I eat my Subway sandwiches upside down

2.      I like to shovel manure

3.      I like the smell of farms/ barnyards

4.      I recently realized that I am not a hater of animals but a hater of PETS or animals that do not do me any service.  For instance, I like our goats, dogs and chickens, but I hate our cat.  That thing is so worthless that my sister has to catch and kill mice for her.

5.      I can whoop anyone I know in a hula hooping contest

6.      I hardly ever get sick, and I’ve never broken one of my own bones.  However, I have broken Emmiko’s leg and Dippy’s elbow.  I think I will go for Bobo’s foot next.

7.     My best friends usually fall into the 3-7 age group   

8.      Everytime a vacuum is turned on I get the irrestible urge to start singing.

9.      I am wearing my last set of clean clothes and have been badgering Ryann to do my laundry  and fast!

10.  I really dislike tags.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    I read the whole thing. You can always count on me.


  2. Heheh

    We have some names in common! I wanted Zion for a girl, or Eden but my hubby didn't like them. I also have Justice as a chosen name for a boy!

    mama J.

  3. You are a …

    funny lady and I enjoyed reading about your answers. Now, the hula contest, I would like to see.:)

    Mrs. Johnston:)

  4. *Ahem*

    YOU were the one that saved my cat. YOU brought it home to me. And now say you hate it?

    Anyways, thanks for giving the cat to me, I know how much you liked it and wanted to keep it.

    Love you,


  5. Hi

    Hey! I really like your blog. It's very cute. =D

    Well I have to go hope to be friends!


  6. Hey…

    You did the tag I made up! cool! At least you answered the questions right – Paulei? not so much! LOL

    Enjoyed you answers!


  7. Untitled Comment

    Oh! Thanks!

    Ok, yours is up.

    I really like your ad. You did a great job on it!

  8. Untitled Comment

    Oh! Thanks!

    Ok, yours is up.

    I really like your ad. You did a great job on it!

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