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by coie - September 27th, 2005.
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Do you have a random brain like mine?  Do weird thoughts come into your head when the actual conversation subject is something about the exact geographical location of a primitive aerodynamic stink bomb… otherwise known as your dad’s work boots?  No wait, there goes my brain trail again.  Have you ever tried organizing these random thoughts?  I have.  I will share with you my futile attempts.  Futile was Bobo’s vocabulary word sometime last year, but yet I digress from my already digressive subject.  Here goes (and these truly are random thoughts that have popped into my head this last week):


1: Coffee tastes good.

2: Why does my shampoo suddenly smell like paint?

3: Monkeys are evil.

4: *Sigh* I have nothing to think about

6: Aunt Lillian sure makes good sushi.

7: How long until my birthday?

8: Futile was Bobo’s vocabulary word sometime last year…

9: I have bad breath

10: I skipped #5…I wonder if anyone noticed.

11: Silly people looking back.

12: The faster you go, the more it hurts.  But the job gets done.  I hate weed-whacking.

13: You cannot dislocate your left shoulder by sneezing.  I refuse to believe 85 Y/O Uncle Joe’s story.

15: I wonder what Mississippi looks like.

16: I just spelled Mississippi correctly without the spell check.

17: I also skipped #14.

18: Giggle.

19: Almost done.

20: There.  Made it to 20…sort of.


Yeah, so that was lame…Except #13.  My uncle Joe is insisting he had to go to the hospital because “I sneezed so hard I dislocated my left shoulder.  Sure.  It was August of '55.”  And he's Japanese and talks reallll slow….He's so funny. :D:D

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    You definately are very random Coie. I don't think I'm quite that random….

    So are you still in CA? Get to Tenn, pick up your car and bail me out of Michigan NOW! It's getting colder here. Boo….

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    i don’t think that dad’s boots can be classified as a ‘bomb’. I think that for it to be an actual ‘bomb’ it would need to be able to detonate, and there is not a detonator on dad’s boots. I’d classify it more as a noxious, toxic gas leakage. Yes, that’s incredibly more acurate.

    i’ve missed our conversations. hurry up and get home.

    our neighbors are nudists.

    love momsie

  3. ugh

    “Monkeys are evil.”……such an insulter!!! I’m not Evil! ugh!

    I DISAGREE, a little bit…but not really.

    now, I AGREE with you, Aunt lillian really does make good sushi…but that’s only because i like it.

    Why does uncle Joe think you dislocated your shoulder by sneezing? well, actually, I understand, U sneeze LOUD!!!!!!

    See do vator (dippy langage).


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    Aggghhh! I can’t believe I looked back both times when you skipped a number. I also fall for it when someone taps my OTHER shoulder.

    Yup, I’m randomly detail oriented…and oriental since I’m half Korean…have respect for your grandfather, if you were that small it might dislocate your shoulder if you sneezed really hard…it could’ve happened… What’s Happening was an interesting show that was on a long time ago– have you ever seen it…your mom probably has…there are a lot of has been’s on that show…I can’t even remember their names anymore…I think everyone should walk around with nametags, it would make the world a more friendly place…I’ve lost my train of thought now…oooo, I like trains a lot…so do my boys…they’re 10 months, 4 years old, and 6 years old…I’m getting old, I’m 30 already…and now I’m ready for bed.

  5. weirdo.

    Hi Coie it's me luke just wanna say that you think about the weirdest things, such as evil monkys.

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    You are SO Uncle Joe. The resemblance is uncanny. Especially the weird stories. Which is why you go around telling people you can die from an over-abundance of snot. Silly girl. That’s impossible.


  7. well purhaps.

    I don’t really think it was mean of thembut I do think it was a bit sad. heres some peaple that have moved away: one your family,two your Aunts family,three, a’cople other friends of ours. (I don’t want to say last names)


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