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My food pyramid

by coie - May 27th, 2005.
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Ok, I couldn't wait, so I decided to post it now.  Now before you view this, I figured I should mention a few things.  #1 I am not forced to eat these things as punishment or as a regular diet by my parents so no one call CPS or CBS. #2  I get sick usually LESS than ONCE a year so I figure I must be doing something right regarding the food I consume.  #3 They are yummy.


Ok, here goes……….(and Kesslers, tell me this doesn't remind you of SB. haha)



Ok, so there it is and here are the amounts:

#1– Yup, that's lipgloss.  Should be used sparingly (like you “normal” people use sugar, fats, and oils) as it can give you stomach problems, like candy I might add.  I've found that Bonne Bell's XTreme Strawberries and Cream tastes the best so far and it doesn't wipe off completely after licking your lips.  Bonne Bell's Chapstick also tastes good- watermelon flavored.  I used to eat it by the chunks while waiting for the nurse to see me and assess my problems.  Little did she know what I was eating……….

#2 Meat meat meat meat meat.  Yummy.  I feel I don't have to explain myself on that one.

#3 VEGGIES!! Yummy yummy.  Spinach is the best and I would choose it anytime over ice cream or chocolate or cake– or any sugar stuff.

10 Responses to My food pyramid

  1. Somehow….I think you need HELP.

    Either that, or you need more WORK. Now wipe off all that lipstick and go eat some spinach…before I call CPS and CBS. Heh heh


  2. it's not lipstick

    it's lipGLOSS. very different. lipstick smells funny and you can see it. lip gloss just makes your lips shiny and your hair sticks to your lips.

  3. Food Pyramid

    Very cute!

  4. LipGLOSS

    Now somebody needs to get Miss Coie introduced to The Body Shop's lip BUTTERS.

    Or send her some Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lipgloss. Now THERE is some good stuff. mmm mmm GOOD.

  5. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Thank you!

    We were just LOOKING for a food guide pyramid! This is just serendipity. Now I don't have to search all over the internet. You are so helpful! Another homeschool lesson I don't have to spend HOURS researching. Yay!

    Your friend, Mrs. B.

  6. Cool!

    I LOVE your food pyramid. I also LOVE lipgloss and I hate lipstick!

    I like asparagus too!

  7. Glad to be a help

    MelM: I'm not sure I want to try lip butters. Oh wait, that actually doesn't look so bad when it's in lower case. Ok, maybe I'll try them.

    Mrs. B: I'm so happy I was able to help. Here is one more tip regarding the food pyramid so as not to traumatize your kids. Don't make my momsie's mistake of tacking it to the BATHROOM door. It's just not the best place, you know?

    SpunkyJr: I'm so glad there is someone else besides me that knows and appreciates the difference between lipgloss and lipstick. thank you for understanding. lol

  8. Your long lost auntie with the dented white van.

    Food pyramid

    That sounds like an adKins diet for a cosmetically challenged teen. I think you can buy food based chap stick at a health food store and its probably a little healthier then Bonnie Bell. Bon chapa 'tit "Bon apa teet" (I can't remember how to spell that I think I have the early stages of alzheimers.

  9. Long lost auntie

    This took me a while to figure out, but is this long lost auntie Aunt Stacey???

  10. HE HE!

    You crack me up Coie! My dd loves spinich about as much as you….go figure!


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