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Somebody Get Me A Hat– I Must Be A Cowgirl!

by coie - November 15th, 2006.
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If you are a somewhat regular reader of mine and my MOMSIE's blog, you might know about the occasional cow that will sit in the middle of the road on the way to my aunt's house.  Yes, there are days when I head over, spot a cow and know that my 2 minute trip will turn into 7.  Last week, I was truly surprised.  As I started pulling towards the Suarez's house I saw not one, not two, but FIVE cows laying about on the road.  If you do the math (5 min. per cow), that means the remaining 1/8 mile of my journey would take me 25 minutes.

I pulled out my trusty cell phone and called my cousin.  He answered and I said, “No way am I going to pull into your driveway- Look out the window.”

His head appeared through the living room window and a great guffaw issued through my phone.  It was raining and he tried to argue, “Aw, Co, come on….You can make it.  I don't want to walk that far.”

“You lazy!  Ain't no way I'm going to get through these cows alive.”  I inched forward as a cow reared its ugly head and glared at me.  I glared back.


I winced and replied, “Paulie, I'm going for it.”

I started honking my horn like a mad little granny and revved up the engine.  I thought about closing my eyes, but decided otherwise.  For some strange reason, the cows started parting like the Red Sea and moving forward at a rapid pace.  Paulie was giggling like a schoolgirl the entire time.  I made it safely to the Suarez home and transported my cousin, myself, and my car back to my house unharmed. 

I think that qualifies me as some sort of cow gathering expert. 

In other news, a recent phone conversation with my dad made me realize what a small town we live in.

“Hey Coie, where are you?”

“I'm almost home.  I stopped by the post office so Emmi and I could mail our letters.”

“Oh, did you check the mail?”

“Uh, no, I thought you did. Want me to go back?”

“Well, how far are you from there?”

“Not far at all;  I'm at the stoplight.”

Yup, the stoplight.  There is also a train that runs right through Main Street about the same time everyone gets off work.  This certain RR Crossings also has no bars to stop people from crossing at the same time as the trains.  Maybe these southerners are just smarter than Californians, eh?

We leave for MI tomorrow night to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandpa and Grandma.  Hopefully I will complete my dress while I'm there!  I probably won't blog for another week or so.

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  1. Yeeehaaawwwww!!!

    I think that you should also get yerself a pair of boots for Christmas…they are mighty handy-dandy when waltzing through the cow patties…because when cows are a-sittin’, they are a poo-in’!


  2. Untitled Comment

    I taged you! come to my blog ffor the questions.


  3. HIi. Hey, and Hello

    Hi, Do you know why I like, reading your blog? Becuase,

    your posts are really funny!!!! lol! I better be




  4. Untitled Comment

    We don’t have any cows where we live now, but we did when we were in TN. I sorta miss it. . . but not really. I LOVE your quilt down below. I’m looking forward to getting back to quilt making. I had to take a break for many years while my kids were growing up. Now I have one married, two in college, and only two left at home – hopefully I’ll have time for it again soon! Thanks for sharing pics! Karen

  5. Untitled Comment

    Haha. That’s awesome. This morning we were driving up to the Burrgrafs’ to hunt, and there was a cow grazing on the side of the road with his rear sticking into the lane. Plus, it was dark and the cow was black. We almost hit him. 😛

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    Pretty quilt Coie!

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    hey just stopping by to say hello. well………………..hello

    comment soon


  8. How DARE you!

    Indeed! Mimicky voice-“Southerners are smarter than Californians” The very idea! I am appalled. Shocked. Open-mouthed in fury. Highly offended.

    Such statements must call for drastic reactions-I shall not visit your blog again until you repent for your insulting sentence! So get crackin’!

    (You get that this is my way of getting you to comment, right? Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, NAH, nah!)

    “The wind may blow,

    But there is One

    Who will hold you fast,

    Even to the end of the age!”


    P.S. Doesn’t that sound like Paulie to you! Good grief, the nerve that boy has! (You hear that, Paul? I’m accusing you of ungentlemanly behavior!-The very worst! (Relentless frown upon my features)

  9. Oh! And…

    …I realized that you FINALLY have found an avatar that you think is fitting! Ya look beautiful-as always!

    (I just found that out because it hit me that you have had that on for more than a few days!)

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    hi. this is babysquirrel. i have an awesome new game on my blog so come and participate if you want!!


  11. Danika

    Hooray on your cow herding abilities! 🙂 Happy Turkey Week!

  12. Ha Ha.

    Great post. “mad little granny” indeed. lol

    Well, I’m finally back in blogging, though I’m now based on Word-Press, I am now coming back to visit all of my old blog-buddies and continue where I left off.

  13. Untitled Comment

    Hee hee! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! Stop by soon.


  14. Hi Coie!

    Oooh. I LOVE dancing. *enormous grin*

  15. Move along little doggies!

    It sounds like you need to put a cow pusher on the front of your car. The variety used by trains would work nicely.

  16. Snowy-er, Coie, must you….

    ….prolong your posts this long? Your last post, ma’am, was on-ahem-NOVEMBER 15?!!! Good grief, Coie! This is the longest time I have ever seen you postpone an entry on your blog. This is ridiculous! I have been visiting your blog almost every time I get on and what do I see but the very same post that I had already read the first time I saw it! Oh, and if you’re going to get all smart-aleckey and respond with, “Well, Mariel, how would you like to be reminded every time you didn’t live up to your friends exact quota of no-entry days?”, I have one answer: “Yes, Coie. I would like to be reminded because it is good for me-so now!”

    Har Da Da Har. So funny, Mariel. I am so laughing! Snicker snicker snicker.

    Okay…ENOUGH! Why on earth am I jabbering on about nothing?! The reason I came is to-yes, see if you had any new entries-but mostly tell you that I love and miss you like CRAZY!!! Actually, can you please comment on my blog? If you haven’t seen, there are a few changes made to my template-please tell me what you think!

    Again, I LOVE YOOOUUUU!!!!

    “The wind may blow,

    But there is One

    Who will hold you fast,

    Even to the end of the age!”

    Your dear friend,


  17. Oh geesh

    That sounds just great!! Don’t you want to make that your weekly ritual?? LOL!!

    You need another post up!!

    How are you?? We have missed you at The Daily Planet

    Read my lastest 2 articles just published today!! What we believe and practice about Health Myths 10-12 and Bible Character of the Week

    Let me know what you think!!

    Come check out the changes that have happened to your favorite blogpaper!!

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours!!

    Take Care!!


    Daughter of Jacque Dixon

    Sister of

    Alatariel, Tigerlily & Eric

    Stop by “The Daily Planet” soon!


    Is that the ‘Rawhide’ theme song I hear playing…?

    Well, I certainly agree that that qualifies you for SOMETHING!

    Have a great time at the Grandy’s and cute skirt!


    Traci 🙂

    P.S.Thanks for stopping by Kayla’s blog-she lit up like a tree when she saw she had comments waiting for her! U R A sweet tea!

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    Just stopping by to say hi. Stop by soon.


  20. Untitled Comment

    Hey! That comment up above was from me. I forgot to login. Sorry.

  21. COIE……


    Where are you, Coie? Did you decide to stay in Michigan? I thought you thought it was too cold.

  22. For Paulie

    Boots. Coat. Umbrella. Dude! Get movin’! :+)

    Mrs. K

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