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Quilt and Skirt

by coie - November 10th, 2006.
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For anyone who was interested, here are pictures of the quilt I made for the auction, and the skirt I made for Ryann.  The quilt ended up being about 73″ x 73″– the biggest yet!  🙂

(Click on Thumbnails for Larger Views)

Whatcha think?  😉

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    Hey girl,

    I love your creations! What an artist you are!

    Your blog is always such a pleasure to read. I’m glad I was the first to comment for once!

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    You are tres talented, Coie! Great job on the skirt and that quilt is quite lovely. I don’t think I could do those fancy shapes myself though. I’m lucky to get a crib size one done in 6 months time– and that with very, very large squares (that are never the same size or even for some reason)!

    Have a great weekend!


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    They are beautiful Co!

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    hey… keep your hands off my quilt. i won that fair and square at the auction and i paid a lot of money for it.

  5. WOW

    Wow that skirt is sooo pritty and I love the quilt!

    You are very talinted. You are good at everything!!!!


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    Check out my new post! It mentions YOU!!!!

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    Those are GREAT!

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    Very nice! I’m sure you’ll look just a lady in it!

    Im gelir ceni ad líne (I am happy to see you again)

    Well, I’m back… sorry, I couldn’t blog but was happy to see your comments! To find out why I was gone for a WHOLE week (YIKES) – read my latest post: I’m Still A “Little Woman”

    Mára mesta,

    Edhël ó Loriën

    Daughter of JacqueDixon, and sister of SuperAngel, Tigerlily the Hobbit and Young Man in Training

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    Interested? I’ll say. Like all of my blogging friends know how to sew, knit, ect. I LOVE that skirt! Well, stop by soon.


  10. Cute

    Those are so cute! I love the quilt! How long did it take you to make them?

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    Hey Coie how are you I just love the skirt and quilt they look awsome. Your blogg page is so cool I wanted to know how to get the song like yours onto my blogg page it is nice gotta go.


  12. WOW!

    Your really good! Hi i amAmy and i was wonderin if you would add me to your friend’s list! Thx you rock!!


    Phil 4:4

  13. I like!!

    Those are great!! I should get pics of my quilt!!

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    Let me know what you think!!

    Come check out the changes that have happened to your favorite blogpaper!!

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours!!

    Take Care!!


    Daughter of Jacque Dixon

    Sister of

    Alatariel, Tigerlily & Eric

    Stop by “The Daily Planet” soon!

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