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Tagged yet again!

by coie - June 19th, 2005.
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By PianoGal!  I tag…………..






TN3JCarter (did I spell that right???)






Here are the questions and MY answers:


Q. how many pictures of you do you have?

A. Probably around 100— but this isn't really fair because I had to take about 30 of myself yesterday and pick one for the magazine.

Q. how many times have YOU moved?

A. Like 7 times…..hang on while I count my fingers…………I can only think of nine times….if you mean from house to house.  If you mean like how many times have I moved my body….It's probably less. lol I'm lazzzzzzzzzzzy

Q. how old were you when you learned your ABC's?

A. Like 3 or 4

Q. do you think these Q's are to hard?

A. Oh! I thought you meant like to draw that type of letter Q….I started writing it and yeah, anyways…….No, these questions are not too hard.

Q. how many computers are in your house?

A. Functioning: 3 computers 4 monitors…….Altogether: 5 computers, 6 monitors (dad uses two screens for one computer)

8 Responses to Tagged yet again!

  1. Oops

    I didn't know that I had been tagged. I'll go post some answers on my blog and see if there are 5 more people out there that haven't been tagged yet!

    How are the baby chicks & turkey?

    Nancy in KY

  2. Hi!

    Hi frog girl i like your blog.

    I just started a blog yesterday.

    your friend


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  3. TAG!

    TAG! You have been tagged! Look on my web page to see the questions then answer them on your web page!! Have fun!

  4. Untitled Comment

    Where are ya' girly! I've missed reading your posts! Did you get eaten by a bear from your camping trip? (Remember our email?!?!)

  5. Hey

    Hey Whats up? i seen that you like Frogs! I love Frogs. will later

    Alwayz Jessica

  6. You're Naughty

    how come you never post anything anymore? I come ALLLLLLL the way over here just to read something brilliantly hilarious, and I'm left with "tag it" answers.

    PS Dippy is playing with your hula-hoop. I just thought you'd want to know…..

  7. Untitled Comment

    like, you're so totally rebellious because i for sure told you to enter another comment and you STILL haven't posted anything new what-so-ever. That does it. No more chapstick for you.

  8. flowersorhonesty

    Untitled Comment

    Hello! My name is Tilly and I have listed you as a friend.

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