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Update on Coie

by coie - September 3rd, 2005.
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Well, this is Spunky Jr. and Coie has asked me to tell everyone how she's doing.  I talked to her this morning after trying to contact her for a few days.  But not to fear…I finally got a hold of her.  She had I briefly talked while the Ig's were shopping for a washer and dryer.  Then they were off to the grocery store to buy food. 


Coie and the entire Suarez and Ig clan are currently in Tenn.  She says it's a bit cooler than the last time she was there and she said it felt great.  She is returning to California on Sept. 15 with her dad to do a few things on their old house and finish selling it.  Then they'll be returning to Tenn. for good on the 17th. 


Other than that, the Coie seems to be doing great.  Please pray for her safe journey back and forth between California and Tenn. 


You may hear more from me….but hopefully Coie will have internet connection and I won't have to “hack” her blog anymore. 

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    Thanks for the update. So glad they made it safely!!

  2. You hacker you!

    *Laughs at Kristin hacking websites* 🙂

  3. <i>Untitled Comment</i>

    Travis – That's not funny. I was only following orders from my commander! 😉

    Edited by spunkyjunior on Monday, September 5, 2005 at 1:15 PM

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    like wow, this is weird. so since spk jr is officially writing for this blog now, I think that means by default i somehow get to claim the mini spunk as some sort of mutant offspring. Go clean your room spunky jr.

    love your new virtual momsie

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    NO!!!!! Now whatcha gonna do about it now "mama"?!?!?!

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